Tums are a girl’s best friend and adventures in space and why my workouts are jacked


Tummy troubles….words no one wants to hear.

That was me yeterday, homies. I had to head home because of the coffee or the stress…let’s just be honest it was both…caught up to me in a super unpleasant manner. I have pretty mild IBS in that it’s usually only aggravated by high stress and have only been medicated for it once during a short time in law school. Since we all know law school is a generally stress free environment (I laugh so hard I fall out of my chair). Anyways, yesterday the stress of all my frosh programming EXTRAVAGANZA set my guts over the edge and those bastards let me know it. There’s nothing worse than running to your bathroom up four flights of stairs. In my defense, I felt moving up the stairs as opposed to opting for an epic bathroom dance near and on the elevator seemed classier.

Some may say drinking 20 oz or more a day for a week plus is/was not a good idea. To those people, how do you meet deadlines??? Or are you those people that miss the deadlines!!! Or worse, you’re the SMUG TEA DRINKING PEOPLE! Curse you all!

Anyways, I’m keeping it nice and gentle on the tummy today and so far so good. I also limited myself to 10 oz of coffee and only in the morning.  I was supposed to do a short run but given the tummy situation, I opted for Bar Class….since ya know… there is a bathroom in case I need to run out of class.  It went fine but I missed Monday’s class and now my workout schedule is null and void! I need to regroup. I will probably do my run on Thursday morning and just wake my ass up early….ARGHHH! Actually it’s really not that bad. I know all the “studies” saying working out in the morning is better, the five most successful business people work out in the morning, time usage….LA..DE..DAH…but seriously I love sleep.

20140120-183929.jpgIn other lame grown up news….I really need to wash workout clothes tonight. It’s priority number one! Sunday just kinda snuck up on me this time and somehow laundry just never made the to-do list. It may have to do with that half bottle of wine I consumed on Friday night but really it’s anyone’s best guess.


I just watched Gravity last night and GODDAMN! Can we say worst case scenario??? Followed by worst case scenario??? Baby Jesus, I cried like 4 times for Sandy Bullock aka Dr. Smarty McSmartypants. Also space is so f’ing scary. I salute you astronauts, you are some crazy brave people. Anyways, I am not a George Clooney fan…I mean he’s charming, I get it…kinda…but I’m not someone who rushes out to see or rent his movies. However despite playing the astronaut version of himself, I enjoyed him. Cheers to you, George.  Not Oscar material but you played a significant role in a terrifying scenario of a film. PS we need to have more action/drama type movies with smart women as heroes. Gravity, well played. Although this movie would NOT make me want to be an astronaut…..ground control ALL THE WAY!


You’re welcome.  Instead you can think of….

Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington in Scandal which I really need to watch. I heart me some Olivia Pope even if she makes some straight up terrible Carrie Bradshaw man choices. QUE TERRIBLE!

Oh…in other exciting news! I bought my ticket this morning to New York for the Brooklyn Half! This makes it really REAL – EEK! Holla VirginAmerica deal! SFO – Newark for only $318!!! Score! Ok, not technically NYC but this is the airport that’s closest to my Chica’s casa that I’m staying with so it will do!

BROOKLYNThis little banner is so anti-climatic. I need a better image for when I talk about my destination half. Ok, straight up on the to-do list. Training is going pretty well. This weekend is the 7 miler (half way there!) which must be done before the hair appointment. Why do I schedule all these things in the morning??? Don’t I know myself at all??? Apparently, not.

Well I hope your Monday fit plans went better than mine did.  Those are the haps though, Interwebbies. Keep me posted on your cray weekly plans.




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