I just want to have happy hour with all my fav tv buddies. Beer counts as carb loading right?


I haven’t watched Grey’s yet so don’t ruin it.


Sorry Mere and Cristina!! I had to do my short run – 3.1 miles – and eat dinner and shower….because normal people shower and then I was tired. So I pinned things in bed….things I will probably never do/buy/etc. Well except the Ombre! Woot Woot Ombre and hair cut tomorrow.

My short run was painful because I DID NOT WANT TO RUN! I did update the March Playlist and enjoyed some serious PYT with Michael. Also my new start running jam helped TREMENDOUSLY!!! I’m telling you Interwebs, if you do not have a good playlist you will never make it. NEVER. My new playlist start jam  which is by the way a very critical jam if your playlist will be successful is……

How this has not been on one of my playlists before??? Shocking just shocking. You need to start your run with a song that makes you feel “OMG THIS IS MY JAM!” like you’re young and 22 and running to the dance floor….I’ll be 33 in days…mere days and the only place I run is to the lake. Ok, okay, and the bathroom. Running is the old peoples dancing. Although I will be having a mini LA GIRLS VACAY at the end of March and I’m forcing my chicas to get dressed up and go dancing!! Holla!

Today I will do the minimum and probably leave a little early from work to hit up happy hour with my fabulous co-workers. Nothing like drinks with a bunch of overworked and underpaid educators at the beginning of the month. HOORAZ! WE HAVE MONEY! DRINKS ON ME! As opposed to the end of the month where people are like can I bring my own chips and only yes, if the beer is $4.00 or less.

It’s lent and I pretend to be a Catholic during this time of year because you know I’m a Mexican and we do that. No Meat! It’s Friday! Which makes lunch so very very hard….next week I’m making something…..I’ll probably have a tuna melt which is so not good for the scale. It’s the first Friday of lent so I’m not messing this one up! That will happen half way through as I bite into a turkey sandwich and my phone beeps with a text from my Dad reminding me it’s Friday. Never fails.

My body is so tired from working out three days in row. Hopefully today is enough of a rest day that my 7 miler won’t kill me….I don’t want to die with un-tamed hair. Last night, I woke up due to core pain….my core was just all achy and I needed to re-positon my old lady body. Hashtag fitness problems. I love writing hashtag, I crack myself up. But speaking of core my stomach is starting to look flatter and I feel like I’m nearing the point of actual abs! Eek abs! Too bad I will drink beer tonight and take 5 steps back 🙂

Alright peeps, hope you have a FABULOUS WEEKEND! Keep me posted on your best running jams!

Let’s take it out with this one.




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