ROUS’ I don’t think they actually exist like eating right on a Saturday



I kicked major running ass today! I hit up a nice track which I think is what’s accounting for the speedy mileage. Not gonna front right around 5.45 miles I wanted to throw in the towel but continued on, peeps. I still love Bruno Mars “Money makes her smile” and it’s just a run list constant.

I tried to take a photo of my hair but the lighting is terrible and when you do a selfish no flash but I REALLY love it. I’ll have to try again with some daylight but diggin’ the Carmel ombre!


Now it’s all about the relaxing and watching some Princess Bride.


Tonight/tomorrow we spring forward…. Dude, I hate losing an hour of sleep but LURVE the extra daylight. Hooraz it’s not dark at 5pm anymore! It makes evening running and working out way more manageable. Tomorrow is all about clean eating!!! Friday and Saturday = beer and cheesy spinach dip on repeat. Sigh, weekends what ya gonna do?

I may try to catch up on Greys and Grimm tonight too. Ya know sexy sexy plans.


Hope your Saturday fit was fabulous!!


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