Shoulda put some Vicks on it…. and other Friday fixes



This is gonna be random Friday post since I have a list of unrelated events and items I want to throw up on this little bloggy blog. Prepare for the strange and unrelated, peeps.

Saturday, I awoke to this really nasty cystic acne bump. Damn, you hormones! I tried my sister’s Neutragena dry creme that night and it didn’t really do much. Of course I turned to the interwebs and came up with Vick’s Vapor Rub – weird right???

THIS ISH WORKED! Monday night, I decided to brave it. I washed my face, put on my argan oil (what I use for night cream), and covered that bad boy with Vick’s. It went down significantly and by yesterday was almost completely gone. Woo Woo! My biggest concern was that I have Saturday B-day plans and didn’t want to have a huge ole’ pimple on my face. Getting old with zits, hot. However!!! Most of my internet research stated you shouldn’t use this method if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. Vick’s… that ish is like the Mexican cure all.

I really should update my blogroll on this thing. I actually use bloglovin’ not wordpress to do all my interwebbie reading. I really dig it and they have a nice app for the phone when I’m commuting in the morning. Anyways, Marcy from Running 4 Beer is doing a 90 days ’till Summer swimsuit challenge and I felt that was a good motivator. Nothing like being practically naked in front of other people to motivate your ass to get sexier.  So buy your swimsuits, take a photo, and check in 90 days from now. Hooraz? Anyways, I was planning on buying a swimsuit for my LA trip in 2 weeks!!!! REAL HOORAZ! I always want to buy cheap swimsuits but they never fit me right, BLARH! I’d rather shell out the extra $30 and feel comfortable. I went to Target last night and tried on some tops and nothing really worked. I also have super small ta-tas so I like something flattering and that doesn’t resemble my sports bra. Not sexy…well unless you’re that one lady from the US world cup, several years ago.

Yep, that one. HOT!

Hmm, we talked about Vicks, 90 days, bathing suits….what else was on my list.

Oh yeah, I didn’t run last night…only to Target. My bad. I’m nervous about my 7.5 miles tomorrow but Major Madness has been killing me and the time change too. I would say the lazy-ies are winning. I mean, I still plan on hitting 4 workouts – 3 bar classes (one on Sunday) and the run tomorrow. Not terrible…but not so great when my stomach was eating crapola. Why is crap so delicious??!!!

Oh Jamba now has KALE!!!! LOVE IT! I had a carrot, kale, banana juice the other day – can we say yummers! Not gonna lie the color was an ugly brownish but still delicious!!!

I may need new running shoes…I think my shoes are getting old and maybe giving me aches. Or it’s just turning 33…sad face. But as mentioned earlier at least my sad face is zit free!!!

Last but not least, I just started reading this!


It’s really good so far and I felt like it will get me inspired!!! I started working out in Jan and now it’s March! I’ve been really consistent even on my off weeks like this one but I felt like I needed a little motivation. In two months from today, I will be flying to NYC for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I’ve got two months to hit the big 13.1….that’s beyond cray – cray!

Let’s play some Bey!!! To celebrate and have a mini dance party!

I felt like that was the best Bey choice since we’re talking about running. I actually don’t have any Bey on my playlist – is that a FAIL?
Well let me know what your weekends are looking like, peeps. Also is Bey on your running/workout mix? Any reccs?



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