Chilling, maxing, relaxing its cool – old lady birthday weekend!

Weekend Wrap Up!

It’s been a weekend of drinking, birthday celebrating, and some running. First, global warming is bringing the Bay Area some serious beautiful weather this weekend. However we’ve gotten zero rain and are in some major drought status. Sad face for Cali but good times for this old lady’s birthday weekend. PS I have probably gained 5lbs with all this celebrating. Not looking forward to Thursday.


Friday night involved Stellas, a jack and ginger, and possibly some wine. Saturday I ate super healthy until our amazing dinner at this place called Barrel Room. We tried a million wines and my pork goloush was amazing!!! Oh and there were cheese stuffed dates wrapped in pancetta and this trout appetizer that blew my mind – sooo delicious!

At least I did my long run 😉

Given it was practically 80 degrees, I feel awesome possum about this run.

I’ve been meaning to post this forever so here’s a little taste of my March Playlist. Bad Girls is so good! Really gets me moving and yesterday Fresh Prince was my fav! Also THE Prince did a show in Oakland last night. So devastated I couldn’t get tix because I would have shelled out the 200 but it sold out immediately. But running to him and knowing he was also in the East Bay was a pretty sweet feeling.




This morning I slept in and we hit up brunch at our fav spot – Lakeshore cafe… Mimosas. So we’ve been chilling on our deck, relaxing, and ignoring the complete mess of the casita. AND IT’S WONDERFUL!!! Sigh, I have 4:15 bar method so that should wake me up to the reality of chores and Sunday night rush will commence!

Hope you’re having a great weekend peeps! Send me playlist suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Chilling, maxing, relaxing its cool – old lady birthday weekend!

    • Love it! I really need an 80’s playlist. -22, that’s some straight up crazy. I have no idea how you people live in snow. Mind literally blown. I’m like it’s 38 – all activity in California should be cancelled due to cold. Yep, we’re wusses out here.

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