I don’t always sleep in but when I do I eat kale


I needed this shirt this morning. There was no running…nada…just sweet sweet sleeping in. I did not want to leave my bed and considered calling in “sick” to work due to birthday sleep-itis. Thankfully, I came to my senses and got up around 7:45ish. I did read blogs and facebook for thirty minutes prior to that so TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE! Plus I walked to my neighborhood Whole Foodie and pick up some ish to make myself a spinach salad for lunch and a delicious kale salad for dinner. I brought an apple and of course a Luna bar for snacks. Looks who’s being HEALTHY!!! Woo, woo! Well also just getting ready for the Wednesday Birthday Yummers! Which also means not healthy at all! With wine!

Today is one of my weirdo long days 11-8 where I head into the dorms to advise the freshman and they don’t show up. I know, awesome right. Actually it’s kind of a bummer. I HAVE SO MUCH GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE!

I think I need to actually go to bed on at a decent hour on Monday because my Tuesday work outs have been struggling (aka not happening) for a while. No excuses! Except for sleep….sleeping just always seems to win, that bastard. I know sleep is importante!!! I need to go to bed earlier and not just read and pin things. Sigh, I should google one of those articles on going to bed early, getting enough sleep, morning workouts – ya know all the ish successful grown-ups participate in. BLARGHHH!!! Let’s just eat luna bars instead! Ok, ok, that’s not happening. Let’s review the Workout Plan for the week since I already messed up and it’s Tuesday.

Here we go again – LBG’S WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK!
Monday – 6:45pm Bar Method
Tuesday- RUN  REST DAY
Wednesday – Short run – 3 miles (ish)
Thursday – 6:45 Bar Method
Friday – 8 miles
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 10k! She is Beautiful in Santa Cruz!

I’m really thinking of getting some wireless headphones so I can put my phone into some waterbottle combo just to make everything easier to run with. I’m thinking now that my distances are passing 7 miles, I should be running with water aka hydrating. I’m having trouble posting the link but eh, you know what I’m talking about.  Also as I stare at the above schedule or the original one that I have f’ed up already – I’m thinking maybe Tuesday mornings I should go to Bar Method and on Wednesday evenings come home and short run now that we have the time change. That may be next week, kiddos. Hopefully problem solved. Going to bar method makes me accountable because I will not be charged $10 for something I already paid for!!!!

Also FYI, The She is Beautiful people assured me they would have the hoodie in my size. They were posting about some dri-fit shirts. Whew!!! Relieved…..you will be mine!

Last but not least, my sister tagged me in this awesome BUZZFEED list and I encourage you all to check it out!

I’m all about the devastation of #14 & #15…utter devastation.

Don’t get stuck in the swamp of sadness, homies!

the sleepy lbg – but at least there’s kale!!!


2 thoughts on “I don’t always sleep in but when I do I eat kale

  1. 1) 10000000% to wireless headphones. you will wonder why it took you so long to get them. i’m a huge fan of jaybird wireless headphones – they’re guaranteed sweatproof and if they break because of the sweat, just message them and they’ll send you a brand new pair and all you have to do is ship them back the broken pair. http://www.jaybirdsport.com/ i have the headphones, my husband has the ear buds. both are awesome. the controls are right on the ear piece (or located on the wire of the ear buds) so no fumbling with your phone to change songs/adjust volume etc. pricey but SO WORTH IT. sound quality is awesome.

    2) yes to hydration. just be sure to get a belt that doesn’t bounce around a whole bunch because those are hella annoying!

    • Dude!!! I don’t know how people run with hydration belts??? I need a handheld. I think if I had to wear a belt I’d just get all Will Ferrell (sp?) and start losing my mind and throw things off the belt and the belt itself resulting in some kind of epic meltdown. Then the race people would have to take me away….true story đŸ˜‰

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