RED WINE IN THE EAST BAY followed by our sponsors running and myfitnesspal


The Birthday Work day has included lots and lots of coffee and flowers! I'm a lucky lil' 
brown girl what can I say. Tonight we're gonna have some seriously yummy spaghetti 
and garlic bread. One of my unhealthy faves! Topped with at least two glasses of red. 
I love it!!!
Let's talk about the weightloss and my journey to lose this last 10! OR NOT! 
Plus link up lurve for Weigh In Wednesday!!! Check out all the awesome chicas!
Pretty Strong Medicine
 GAINED. +0.2 lbs. Actually I can really dig this. Given all the birthday 
shenanigans, I fully expected a pound so this was a sweet birthday surprise. I can 
only thank my long runs for enabling me to continue to cheat here and there...
thank you Brooklyn Half training.
Seriously though, next week we're getting back on track. More kale and spinach 
and maybe some water drinking to rival all water drinking. You can only do so 
much celebrating as an old lady. We pass out earlier and I'm not dancing for hours 
on the dance floor in four inch heels which was the cardio of my twenties. Not I say 
this is my jam and instead of running out to the dance floor, I convince myself 
I can push through another mile. Oh well....there are worse things I suppose. 
I love my old lady ballet flats.
Ok, now after all my promises of health and fitness that I may or may not keep....


I woke up and was like DAMN 33....That's kinda a bummer. But my hair at least came
 out really good and my vanilla latte made me feel happy. Also NSV I squeezed into a 
dress I haven't worn in a minute! Awesome and the boy assured me it was still work 
appropriate. Ya know, I didn't want to be all sausagey...But I'm a Mexican and my 
people love them some tight dresses. You always have that one Auntie that's like 
if you can squeeze into it by any means necessary it fits, mija. I however need to
 check myself because there's no need to look so rough, mujers. Lesson learned.
I need to save some pennies for LA CHICAS WEEKEND. I am really just throwing 
the dollar bills around like I'm Puffy, Jay Z, or insert your favorite rapper here. 
People love the Drake so maybe him. Anyways, I need to reign myself in!!!! 
But it's so easy to say BIRTHDAY MONTH! Or I'm old, I deserve this 
(insert my sad face).
Ugh, the other thing about old lady birthdays is you feel the need to look 
back and say what the hell am I doing???? BLARGH!
Carrie had some points but she also made some really god awful choices. However 
I can dig the above. At the very least, you could be like thank baby Jesus I did not
 do that!!! Or you were like, me too!!!! I'm also a big hot mess just less glamorous. 
People seem to be enjoying "GIRLS" on HBO but I don't's like they're
 hipsters in NYC having unsexy sex and I just can't get into the twenty minutes I saw. 
UNIMPRESSED. Maybe it's because I'm old. I will go back to Grey's with sexy doctors 
having implied sex in on call rooms and supply's wonderful.
Anyways, have some fun on my birthday, Interwebbies! And if you have 
any old lady advice for my thirties situation, please share!!!! Lord knows I need it!

10 thoughts on “RED WINE IN THE EAST BAY followed by our sponsors running and myfitnesspal

    • Thanks Chica! I am watching some GIRLS right now as research…. Still just eh. I don’t know maybe I’m just not young and hip. I’m old and like wine and Shonda Rhimes.

  1. happy bday and congrats on the NSV! i love fitting into shit that i wasn’t able to before. i remember i finally fit into this dress that i bough in 2008 and i hollered at the top of my lungs HELL YA BIATCHES!!! hahaha!

    thanks for linking up!

    • Amber, I am watching a season 2 episode 1 of GIRLS on demand because of you. Yes, they mostly look like regular people and that is refreshing. But homie, I don’t know….it’s just too much!!! I’m not really sure what is going on here except everyone needs a good bitch slap and some common sense!!! But if you enjoy it – go for it! I watch Greys – there’s been a bomb explosion, ferry disaster, and a plane crash…. I cannot judge. RIP McSteamy.

    • Stalk away!!! I’m also a blog stalker so you’re in good company. I’m glad that my cray cray can bring even on person joy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or just the giggles or encourage you to have a mini dance party. Besos!!!

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