Sloth like old ladies and my undying love for Mindy Lahiri


Breakfast brought to you by Whole Foods! Bloggers take photos and I borrow images from Pinterest. I’m attempting to be a better blogger and impress you with shoddy photos!!! Viola! I’m 33 now, it’s the least I can do.

Working out during your birthday is a sham. You set big goals and instead eat cake, drink booze, and over sleep. Today I’m going into the oficina late and had planned a big ole run but seriously my purple ear buds are NO WHERE to be found!!!! 30 minutes and nada. Some would of run without musica but not me. I needed my sweet sweet jams to prevent me from being sloth like despite this global warming fantasy weather. PS I’m gonna take this as the worlds way of giving me the go ahead on the wireless headphones/ear buds! Booyah!!!

I took some photos of my neighborhood for you all as I walked back from the Whole Foodie. Behold! The lbg’s habitat!

Giant Cherry Blossom type tree??? That’s my guess.

Urban beautification. They mosaiced all these garbage cans in Oakland and its awesome. They are each different and very cool.

Lake view from our rooftop patio. That’s where I run and put my miles in when it’s not my birthday and I’m being sloth like.

A few things on my whole day and a half of being 33
-Birthday celebrating still prevents me from working out. I did not wake up more responsible.
-I still wish I won the lotto and could be a damn lady of leisure
– No extra or new wrinkles but I am slightly dehydrated
-Nothing new besides the wireless headphones revelation….
-Bebe fever…. Hmmm still same. Medium? Def not high nor low.
– Also there’s so many great half marathons out there – Key West, Boston, and of course NAPA! That shizz is so on the 2015 list.
half marathon

Also I watched a FULL episode of GIRLS on HBO and I stand by my unimpressed rating. It’s just too much of a hot mess. I wanted to slap all of them!!! Sigh but if it makes you happy, watch it! But yes, regular looking peeps on TV I support that. Add some brown people and its a small victory. You know I have to support my people…. So I watch Mindy, she’s not a Mexican but she’s brown so I’ll take it!




Seriously??? Why aren’t you watching?!!! Plus I promise you will fall in love with Danny Castellano. Words of wisdom from your non-running, sloth like, old lady friend.
Why would I lie to you??

Alright, I need to turn off Gilmore Girls and get in the shower. My freshman and undeclared seniors need me. Plus I probably need to pass the tissue and break the news you’re not graduating. ‘Tis the time of year for a College Adviser like myself. It’s like I’m Jerry and they’re Cuba Gooding Jr. “Help me to help you!!!” Except I’m unwilling to yell show me the money because I work in Education.

Coffee besos and old lady abrazos,

One thought on “Sloth like old ladies and my undying love for Mindy Lahiri

  1. Thanking the various gods for Hulu, who have wisely picked up The Mindy Project. ‘Cause I’ve got Mindy fever, and we all know there ain’t no cure for that. Except more Mindy.

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