I am the WORST blogger ever!!! I forgot my phone at work this weekend…all the way in Berkeley. I was in the 408 (San Jose) and Santa Cruz for my race and clearly was not coming back for it. I have very few photos as a result which is weak sauce. I apologize and thank you for sticking around to talk about how LAME I am.


Now that we’ve talked about what an embarrassment I am to the Interwebs, let’s discuss the SHE IS BEAUTIFUL SANTA CRUZ RACE!!!We woke up hella early to hit the road by 5:30am to get to Santa Cruz with plenty of time to coffee, pick up bibs, and just be timely. My Dad ended up joining my sister and I for some quality time at the beach and just to see what kinds of shenanigans his unmarried daughters were getting up too. Hooray! The guy drove and took us to brunch post race. It’s good to have your Dad around even at 33, ladies & gents.

Getting up at 5am and being out the door at 5:30am is painful. I looked like crapola but I did it! I also had a kick ass race. I admit I wasn’t worried until the morning of the 10k. I woke up and realized I would be running without my musica – eek!!! I wasn’t sure how that would work out especially since I use my music to pace myself. I actually did really well but started out way too fast. I needed to slow down by mile 2 and try to get my rhythm back. I WOULD NOT WALK! There’s nothing wrong with walking mind you. Nothing at all. But I wasn’t going to walk –  I ran all my training runs!!!! I just came out the gate way too fast with all these speedy broads at this race. Seriously, there were some FAST LADIES!

Speaking of speedy ladies! So I don’t know if any of you read – Skinny  Chick Blog? But if you don’t you should. She runs and lives near the beach and drinks Starbucks…it’s lovely. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! So she was going to be at this race and of course because she’s lovely and all, she said to say hi. At the end of the race, I totally saw her (BLOG STALKER) but she was on the other side of the barricade race divider from me. I didn’t want to yell “Hey Skinny Chick Runner blog” because that’s creepy. It was kind of a bummer – I wanted to be hey I love your blog but in a non-creepy way….and read my crappy non-photo having blog….Sigh, oh well. This whole paragraph is probably completely creepy and now I will be blocked from reading about her awesome adventures. FAIL – DOS! This little Mexican cannot catch a break today!

Back to the race, I hit up all the water stations and decided to grab the H20 and drink it by the garbage receptacle instead of running through since I had started too fast. I think this really helped. At the end of the day, I finished with a 10K time of 53:33!!!! My pace was 8:38 and I was 41st in my 30-34 age range out of 314.   Woo! Woo! I know if I actually practiced some interval training and what not my time would get better but right now I just need to focus on distances and actually ya know….running. Maybe next year. The race was fun and I love seeing all the ladies with their daughters. The last half when the 5k and 10k converge was a little cray but still a super fun race. This race used to start further back on Cliff drive and I miss that since it let you run along the coast for longer.

After the race, we hit up Pacific Ave in Downtown Santa Cruz for brunch. It was super delicious! I had my fav an eggs benedict with avo and crab!!! A ton of coffee and some lemon scone. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! The race announcer/DJ totes said my name when I crossed the finish line – so cool! I heart those timing chips! Also this random adorbs mexican familia was waiting for their peeps but when they saw me the Dad yelled “Si, se puede!” and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile! Then my Dad yelled for me and we gave each other a hug over the race barricade! I tell ya chicas, you can be 3, 13, or 33, and even 63 and it still feels super dope to have your Dad cheering for you as you cross that finish line.

Random photo of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Now, it’s back to the real world at least until Friday morning (LA CHICAS VACAY). That means I have four days to put some clean, veggies, and reasonable calories into this body. I am not drinking until Friday! I will work out each day….because I have to be on a beach on Friday. Also my weekend in SJ and Santa Cruz involved my familia showering me with take out, restaurants, and home-made pancakes….really I needed to run just to fit into my jeans. Here’s the plan for the week!


FRIDAY – SUNDAY – LA WEEKEND!!! I actually think it will be easier to eat healthier with my girls than my familia but we’ll see…fingers crossed.

It’s crazy though, May is around the corner, and Brooklyn is getting to be real!!

As for our friend the scale… I am predicting it will NOT BE PRETTY ON THURSDAY! However you never know…sometimes when I don’t track, I’m making better choices than I think….and sometimes I’m just eating crap. It’s a toss up, really.

lbg aka worst attempted blogger ever



  1. Loved your story… It was an amazing run, last year was just as nice… I also did the one in Santa Barbara last September and LOVED IT!! I definitely recommend it if you can – I am also 33, a mother of 3 and we made a weekend outta it!

    • I’ve never done a race in SB despite the fact that I’m a UCSB Alum! Go Gauchos por vida! I really have to look into doing a race there. Thanks for posting, chica! Way to get your fit on in addition to being a Mom. You’re my new hero. Three kids that’s some serious amazingness…no idea how you do it! My plants would still die if the bf didn’t water them. Besos.

    • Eek! SC herself posting on my blog! Sorry for being so nerdy! Next time for sure!!! I’m doing the Mermaid East Bay in May next. Your blog is awesome and I’m beyond jealous of the new garmin. That vibrate feature is la bomba! Besos

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