Let’s talk about 1994! Or just have coffee and plan to work out.


Today is all about catching up! Our office is closed to students due to a professional conference and I intend to use this time to attack my mountain sized to-do list. There might also be some blogging and listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast in there too. It feels pretty amazing to have some catch up time so I’m in an exceptional mood for a gray Tuesday.

I also brought my lunch today, hooraz! After hitting up Trader Joe’s after my bar method class, I was set to bring some healthy food to work. PS So glad I went to bar method last night! Really really helped my legs post speedy 10k. Not gonna lie, I was dreading it and knew I would be all sucky. However there were some new peeps in the class so that’s always a confidence booster. I didn’t feel like a totally loser. SIDE BAR: NO ONE THAT WORKS OUT IS A LOSER! Just me! So way to get your sexy ass off the couch even if you’re the slowest or slacker-est.
coffee slacker
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The weather in LA displeases me. It’s supposed to be low 70’s and partially cloudy this weekend. It was clear and in the 80’s this past weekend. This whole “possible” rain thing/cold front is ruining vacation weekend. I know, I know, IT’S A DROUGHT! But it has to rain the weekend I’m headed to LA, causing it to be in the low 70’s! HASHTAG – WHINY CALIFORNIA PROBLEMS. Yes, I spelled out hashtag. It’s more obnoxious that way.

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Didn’t you know when you use hashtags, it causes Questlove to appear? It’s just Tonight Show magic, don’t trip đŸ™‚

Today I’ve got the 3 mile run in my new kicks which I’ve been meaning to blog about! I will get to it and they’re awesome. I’m an Asics ho-bag. I really thought I’d get something new and different but I love me some asics. If it’s not broke, yo…as they say. Do you love your workout shoes? Recommendations? I promise I will at least try them on!

I’m so unexciting today. I wish I had something better to blog about but peeps, I’m boring. There’s not always excitement going on around here. I hate to crush your dreams of my awesomeness. Sometimes I’m just trying to figure out how to clean my kitchen and do laundry…or have my laundry NOT live on my desk. I’m pretty sure my desk is to hide the mail and tax forms…and condoms. I’m just saying get some safely, Interwebbies. Which makes me think of this!

Alright, that was the pick me up I needed! I promise next time I post a video…it will be from 2013-2014. I realize there are A LOT of throwback jams on this blog. In my defense, I’m an old lady. I like musica from the 90’s. Be thankful my fashion is current. However I’m seeing a lot bad 90’s inspired fashion on the hipsters. I disapprove. Floral body suit dresses should not come-back. Seriously though, I loved me some Doc Martin’s. Rocked those babies with jean shorts and cute stylish socks…luckily there is less photographic evidence since ya know we had to get film developed back then from a wind up disposable camera and hour photo was HELLA expensive. Speaking of the old days, I had to use a pay phone this weekend and all I could think was that I hope I didn’t get some crazy disease because who uses pay phones these days!!! Besides people that forget their phones at work all weekend and are waiting at the BART station to be picked up…. I dread to think about it. I thought for a second about clorax wiping that side of my face.

I digress…here’s something for the young people. More in your frame of reference. Although like I’ve said before Salt-N-Pepa is full of workout jams!

Time to put on the big girl panties and attack the to-do list! Hope your Tuesday is productive, with veggies, and some good times!

Let me know if you’ve got any good Tuesday jams that are not from 1994!!!



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