You ain’t bad, Wednesday


Alright, let’s get straight to the jump. I hit the scale this morning and my face looked something like this.

Nah, it wasn’t pretty. There was 1.5 GAIN!!! That looks a lot like the beer, Mexican food and three birthday meals I had this weekend. Shocking, not really. Disheartening, F’ Yeah!!! However it’s a journey as all the zen people say. You just need to refocus and take a step back, regroup, and all that other ish. Really it makes you want to throw your scale across the room and eat some nutella straight from the jar. However I will not resort to such Bridezilla type behavior especially when I know it was all my partying. Woo Woo! I do still look way better than I did in January. SCORE! I’m also participating in Running 4 Beer’s 90 days until summer bikini challenge plus an April 16 Bar Classes Challenge. March may have been just a gainer but we’re pulling it together for April. Life is short, birthday gains happens, and ya gotta move on.

I have confidence these ladies did better than yours truly, so check out the link up lurve!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Time for Humpday Confessions with Vodka & Soda!

1. Let’s get Sappy….I’m pretty damn blessed as a 33 year old lady to have not one but two Grandmas that are still kickin’. My Grandma R is 95 and my Grandma C is 90. Both are a handful and hilarious. Sadly, my Grandma R has been in a rapid decline since January…She can no longer be home alone, struggles to dress herself, and worst her memory is fading. It’s very hard on my Mom and I’m doing my best to be supportive. We have someone coming to the casa during the day when my Mom’s at work yet Grandma R is with it enough to randomly kick this woman out at times causing all kinds of havoc. According to her, she has no idea why she has to “watch this woman” and really she’s “had enough of it.” It’s a crazy house over there but I love her and all her drama queen ways. On top of all this, My Grandma C had to go to the ER on Monday night and has an infected gall bladder. She’s in much better shape but having surgery after 70 is always a little nerve wracking. Luckily, Grandma C’s biggest concern is that none of her grandchildren have had the courtsey to sneak her a little Vitamin B into the hospital. For those of you that don’t know, Vitamin B is beer. More specifically, bud lite which is my Grandma’s beer of choice for day drinking during the evening she prefers a gin and tonic while watching the Sopranos. I cannot make my crazy Mexican familia up, peeps. This is how it is. Anyways, I’m a little stressed and sad. Getting old sucks so please work out and eat as heathy as you can so you can do all the things you love for as long as you. Sappy over.

2. I need to work on my professional wardrobe. This is random. I’m attending a conference right now..sshh don’t tell! Basically, I’m blessed with great Mexican oily – wrinkle preventing skin, all of 5 feet, and can look 18 at times. Seriously, put me in someone else’s business casual and people think I’m a student. I know, I know, hashtag people aging well problems. I’m sorry you didn’t wear sunscreen in your youth and failed to do so but I’m 33 with two degrees so check yourself. I think I need to use some pinterest boards to utilize the clothes I have in a more sophisticated way? Holla at me if you have an awesome pinterest board so we can be twinsies and I can look like a grown-up. Seriously, I just want to wear my workout clothes to work…they’re comfortable.

3. I’m either getting sick or 33 is catching up with me and I need more sleep. I HATE HATE HATE waking up early but as I get older I see all the benefits. I need to figure out an earlier bedtime thing. Also, since I’m kinda a planner, I know we’re gonna hit the bebe train in like 2 years and I feel like I will need to get up early. That’s a major downside of bebes. Holla at all the awesome Moms out there. Getting up early and working out at the gym sounds terrible….but I realize this is a la bomba habit to have. HOW DO YOU DO IT???? Learn to go to bed earlier AND wake up earlier…on the to-do personal list.

4. APRIL IS GONNA BE KICK ASS! April we’re gonna bring back the sexy, fit, and healthy. Shizz, I sound like the cover of SHAPE magazine. Interwebbies, I need to make April happen so any motivational tips for old ladies would be appreciated. I’m so distracted by the rainstorm we’re having. RANDOM, I KNOW! But it’s like I forgot what rain was, rain what’s that, why am I suddenly wet? I think I need some soup for lunch.

5. MUSICA!!!
Ok, so I promised to show newer videos but I’m failing you….I want to post the Shakira & Rihanna video but I couldn’t finish watching it.I wasn’t impressed but hey they’re both fit ladies so I’m sure it all works out. Instead I have some Michael Jackson. I referenced the “BAD” video yesterday and I was met w/ mocking by my 30 year old colleague….jerkface. It was something to the effect of how the BART station was empty and creepy to which I responded “Like Wesley Snipes is about to jump you empty and you’re gonna tell him, He’s not bad, You ain’t nothing.” He had no idea until I actually said “You know, Bad, Michael Jackson???” I was met with you’re old laughter. I’m helping you all out here. Yes, it’s two parts! So check this out and have a HAPPY HUMP DAY!


8 thoughts on “You ain’t bad, Wednesday

  1. i have no idea how to dress properly for work. most of the time, i dress like whatever and people don’t care and by that, i mean i don’t care what they think. if it’s comfortable, im wearing it. i’ve turned down jobs because you had to wear business attire and jeans were not allowed what?!

    as for waking up early/going to bed – i do that. i wake at 445am/5am to workout and then i’m asleep by 930pm. most nights, trying to stay awake is a struggle at 9pm but i think that’s way too early to go to bed but 930 is acceptable lol. however, it does start your day off right; you feel most productive and it’s like, yo! i got up, worked out, showered, dressed, did 1hr of work already and it’s only 7am. what did you do, bitch? hahahahah

  2. I came across your blog today and I love your spunk!! I work at a place that required business casual when I first began (basically it is business but the women no longer have to wear panty hose and the men are not required to wear ties) but we have changed. We can wear jeans but we still have to maintain certain guidelines. I loved it at first but I think it is nice to look all pretty every once in a while πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for posting, Tricia!!! Hey, we all need to bust out the lipstick from time to time to remind our selves “Damn, I look good! And I’m not even photoshopped!” I think I just may need to work on my sense of style…sometimes I fall into the “comfort” trap. As I tell myself being comfortable doesn’t mean looking like hobo Joe.

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