You need a person, a shot, and a jam


Today is my Friday and this time tomorrow I will be in sunny (hopefully) LA. I’m beyond excited for a weekend with my homegirls. Just some to time to catch up and share where we are with our lives and find support. There’s really nothing like having a group of mujer that you can just count on. I’m a little stressed to take off for another weekend with so much going on but I also know I’m gonna come back in a much more positive place. Alright, that was me being all zen and lovey dovey. I promise I will be back to being spiteful and wicked in like a paragraph. I hope you have some solid home-girls or home-boys, Interwebbies. I don’t know if I really believe all those people that are like my wife/husband/partner is my best friend. I mean, I kinda get it, but don’t you need like a REAL best friend for you to talk about your significant other with?? Someone who will hate your boss with you and think whatever else is dumb too and maybe down some tequila shots with you?? I don’t know maybe you actually married your best friend and in that case I hope you never get divorced because that would suck ass! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boyfriend and I’m sure we’ll take the plunge sooner or later and he is “my person” to quote Grey’s but I also have a Cristina person because dude, you need that. Also if you don’t get all these Grey’s analogies you really need to Netflix the first 3 seasons. Just do it. Otherwise my blog will never make sense.



Anyways, these ladies are my people and I need some serious time with them. The end. Since I have my little trip and today is my Friday I’m gonna blog about my to-do list. I’m flying out on Virgin America which is the best from Terminal 2 in SFO, also the best. This is the newer terminal with a WINE BAR! Need I say more. Once in Feb 2013 when I was flying to Palm Springs they had a “Pretty in Pink” flight of rose. How amazing is that? Of course I had to order it, you cannot reference Molly Ringwald and have me not order it. IMPOSSIBLE, YO!


I need to touch up my toes. There’s a possibility we will get some mani/pedis but I’ll just get a manicure. When I’m running a lot, I’m not really into getting $30 pedicures because they always chip off! Plus my toes and feet are so beat up, I feel bad for the pedicure ladies. Also pedicures are the one thing my mom really does for herself and if I’m shelling out that cash, I’m going in with her. Otherwise I’ll stretch out and paint my own damn toesies. But I need to bring my color so I can be matchy matchy. I’m actually not a mani/pedi girl AT ALL but one of my chicas is so I will suck it up and do it for her. Unless there’s a wedding or some fancy outdoor event then I ALWAYS get one. You shouldn’t ruin someone’s special day with bad cuticles unless they’re the type of shitty people that have their wedding on a three day weekend and steal your vacation and guarantee that it will be WAY more expensive because it’s a three day weekend….this hasn’t happened to me at all..nope….not like it’s happened 3x and the wedding discount barely makes it regular expensive because they jack up prices for X holiday weekend. See back to spiteful and angry, the world is right once more.

Yesterday, this old lady pulled off a double. Yes…not one but two workouts. I did a 3 mile run (very slowly) and went to bar method. Woo Woo! However we did the dreaded f’ing pretzel which whittles your waist (and I believe that ish) but it’s beyond HARD! More like impossible. If you get really good there’s always a modification to make this pretzel move way more difficult. BLARGH! But I did it. I have added a cheesy video if you want to see what I’m talking about. That crazy tiny fit lady is the creator of the Bar Method. Yep, clearly this ish works – just look at her! I have no idea what jenky place they are in because my studio is HELLA nice and nothing like that. It’s also clearly being shot by someone’s mom with no video skills whatsoever.

Anyways, I am all caught up except for a pesky 8 mile run…sigh…I’m gonna try to do it today even though I do not want to run. I want to paint my toes, pack, maybe do a load of laundry, clean my kitchen, and living room. I need to be out the door at 6am tomorrow for my flight so I’m feeling EEK! Hopefully, I can leave the coal mines early today.

I will try to drunkingly post from the airport or my phone tomorrow but I cannot make any promises. I will have a mimosa for you, Interwebby buddies. I’m leaving you all this jam today which takes me back to College and a Mazatlan trip with my chicas where this was theme musica. Now it kinda just makes me laugh but it was some good times. Have a great weekend!!!! Keep me posted on your shenagains or workouts! I want to know what you’ve got lined up!


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