I’d like you to meet the girls. Saki, Tequila, and of course Mimosa.


I missed you, Interwebbies!!!!!

Alright, the lbg is back after that extended hiatus. I meant to holla at you all yesterday but ish got crazy and it just never happened. BLOGGER FAIL. My little prima (ok, she’s 28 but she’s still my little cousin!) is moving to Portland with her fiancé on Saturday so last night we kicked it instead of me getting my fit on. Oh well, familia is forever and I will just readjust my workout schedule like I do every week.

No, but seriously I am going to miss her dirty hippie super cute half Mexican ass. There was always way too much fun with her around…sad face. Anyways, she was a hot mess with their packing. Of course I jumped in and loaded the dishwasher, hand washed a ton of ish, and tackled the pantry for our last hangout session in the East Bay…. because thats what familia is for. We also ordered Mexican take out and I may have eaten way too many fajitas and refried beans. I’m just saying if you add lard and cheese to anything its going to be DELICIOUS!!!! But yeah thats gonna look sexy on my hips later. Curse you, food of my people,for being so good and completely unhealthy.

The weekend was AMAZEBALLS!!! Way too much fun with my homegirls. The weekend included day drinking at Santa Monica and enjoying the beach. Dear Kona Longboard, You’re the bestest! Love, drunken lbg. We ordered spicy Thai food and caught up ie grown up sleepover. Saturday, we hiked and it was hella gorgeous. Followed by mimosas with a super yummy breakfast. My LA chica is an amazing cook. There were manicures, shopping, and cupcakes! Surprisingly the lemon and apple were my favs not that Heath bar and double chocolate didn’t put up a good fight. Holla Big Man Bakes in LA! I would link but I’m on my ipad and that makes ish crazy. Oh did I forget to mention the DANCING!!!

These old ladies made it out to drunken sushi. Can you say more saki??? After quite a bit of tequila. Yep, nothing like good old fashioned house drinking with a playlist while 5 chicas try to all get ready at once. Way too much fun! We hit up the club pretty toasty and then some. We danced, mocked others, crammed into a photo booth and still decided we weren’t as drunk as the young people. It was fun and we grabbed a cab at 1am!! Yes, the old ladies all needed to sleep in on Sunday and have a heavy brunch to recover from that late night. There may have also been a 1am Costco pizza that went into the oven. Which brings us to April and bringing sexy back.

I will not be weighing in on Thursday because of the following reasons:
A) I do not want to see the scale
B) I think my body deserves a week to detox from all the booze
C) I do what I want 😉

That being said I was up at 5:20am to hit up a 6:00am bar method class. Check!! Today it’s all about the water and just saying no to bread….or anything covered in lard and cheese. Sigh, I have missed all the internets and hope you all didn’t break up with me while I was gone. If you did break up with me well it’s ok you can logon and read this blog in the middle of the night. It’s part of the break up process 😉

Alright kids, it’s April 1st and we have to regain all our January 2014 momentum. As Tim Gunn would say make it work!!! Sorry I don’t care enough to have some April fools funny. Mmmmm.. Ok how about this?</span
Via – moredesignplease.com



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