There is a wave of relief knowing that I am not getting on the scale this week. Well that plus I actually managed to eat like a healthy human being yesterday and not some hungover frat boy. Success. However my abs are killing me from bar method on Tuesday morning. I may not be able to see them but sweet bebe Jesus are they there! Also because I’m awesome I volunteered for a workshop months ago and forgot about it… So tonight I will be working late and doing a double workout tomorrow. Sigh, I’m a hot mess ie never failing to live up to the title of this blog. You would think I would immediately fill out my planner the minute I volunteer. Nope, apparently not. Just another human pinata moment


But my get back on track booty is still linking up so hit up these chicas. I mean someone actually has to get on the scale and act like a grown-up. It just wasn’t me….for most of March.. it happens. STOP JUDGING ME, INTERWEBS!!! Sigh, it’s ok judge away. I need the motivation.

Pretty Strong Medicine

Next week, I promise I will be doing it and doing it well…like LL Cool J.

Ok, now that we’ve talked about all that healthy ish let’s get HUMPY & CONFESSIONAL WITH VODKA & SODA!!!

1. My casa is a huge mess and seriously I’m so glad I have ZERO plans this weekend so I can clean, cook, launder, and be able to act like a real grownup next week. No idea how people do this stuff on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel like everyone was mailed the grown-up manual but me and my boyfriend. Did I move when it came? Was my mail not forwarded….maybe I accidentally threw it away??? No idea. Otherwise you all are amazing at fronting.

2. I need to start listening to NPR at work again. I always feel so productive and like I’m learning something. But for some reason after the new year, me and NPR just took a break. No idea. I guess we both just got busy but I’m bringing it back. I miss me some Terry Gross.

3. I partied too hard in LA and I am now sleep deprived. It’s like a need an entire day of sleep. Instead I’m working…it sucks.

4. Sometimes I just want to punch people in the face and be like STOP BEING STUPID! It’s so agressive and angry…I should be medicated. I’m not PMS’ing so idea where this Wednesday and yesterday rage is coming from. Maybe because yesterday HELLA people bumped into me and YES I’m a small person but my 5ft self does take up some space!!!! Get off, ahole! See I’m filled with rage. I need to work that out.


Tomorrow I will hopefully be more awake and full of energy and write a post that doesn’t suck. This post is kind of lame right?? Sigh, I’m sorry. I think it’s the jacked up mood I’m in. Send me your mood boosting tips!!! Ok your be a grown-up tips!!! Or just say “Hey, I’m faking it too” that would really take a load off. Maybe it’s that I was disappointed in the How I Met Your Mother finale. Plus the bumping and lack of sleep. Oh well, at least there’s a new Mindy to catch up on.

your extra hot messy lbg
PS I will pull it together…I’m trying!



  1. isn’t it a shame how we can no longer party like we use to?? i have a big party trip planned in may and i have no idea how i’m going to survive that. the bitches i’m going with are *25*. how is an old hag like me going to keep up with those young whipper-snappers?!

    • No idea how I would even begin to hang out with a bunch of 25yo. I would probably just say – Listen up, bitches. I’m an old lady. You better put me in a cab with my purse and I’ve texted you all my address to tell the cabbie. I’d say a quick prayer to baby Jesus, take a shot, and hope for the best. I would then spend the next two days recovering in bed with advil and my bf asking me why I thought that was a good idea. But you seem like a fighter. If anyone can do it it would be you. I would however stock up on red gatorade, advil, and crackers if you fail 😉

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