I decided to forgo the Thursday double workout because my house is a hot mess like mi vida and you need to start somewhere. Bar Method kicked my ass this morning and I was a sweaty little beast which usually does not happen. Anyways the house needs to be tided and I need to buy groceries so I think my good ole 3 miler may have to wait until Friday. I just need the house to look a little less crazy. It brings me peace. Some people meditate but I bust out my lavender method cleaner and the vacuum. To each their own, beatches.

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I was reading a blog that had their Thursday wish list which included a very cute tie dyed dress. Of course I clicked on it and that shizz was $245.00!!! I’m thinking I may need to stop following this blog since it’s completely beyond my Target budget. Sigh, I am not fancy in those ways. $10 cocktail – hell to the yeah! $245 dollar dress??? Only when I am someone’s bridesmaid and it is forced upon me. That is how much I love my friends. Have I shortened it and worn it again? Nope. HASHTAG – Biggest wedding lie ever!!!




I worked a Save Your Semester workshop last night until 7:45ish so I came into the office at 10:30am today. Of course it’s sexy back April so my booty was at the 7:00am bar method class. Listen, I feel great when I get to workout in the morning. It is an IDEAL way to start the day. It’s just the whole waking up thing I struggle with. In a perfect world, I would be up at 4:45am for 5:00am runs and all that ish. I know if my bedtime were earlier and more predictable this would help. BUT….I still have the sinking feeling I do not want to be up early. My body rebels against it. Especially when that jerkface the sun isn’t even up yet!!!!

This 2014 I said I was going to bring my fit and get healthy. I feel like I’m on the path to making this all happen but I would be a big MEXICAN liar if I didn’t admit part of that is we’re thinking about having some bebes in two years or so. As I have been blessed enough to witness, bebes are WONDERFUL….BUT….they make your life cray-to-the-zee! In a really great but also really hectic, sleepless, life changing way. That kinda makes me feel like, Dude, I should get my ish together while it’s just me, the boy, and our pretty chill plants – Bonsai (he’s not a bonsai – that’s just his name), Calvin Johnson (our giant pink & white geranium), the Swiss Cheese plant, and our succulents. We’ve named our plants but only the big ones. We’re strange, what can I say. Anyways, I feel like morning workouts are the way to go but maybe I just need to focus on working out and ease into the morning thing slowly. Sigh…I am NOT morning person. You probably know this since I blog about coffee every other day. Coffee is awesome…it’s my crack rock.

Yesterday, two out of three meals were healthy and dinner was a downward spiral with a burger with avocado BUT it came with a side salad. GO ME! See this is why I hate evening workshops where I am unprepared and need to eat near campus. Anyways, FAIL the kitchen effed up and gave me fries! First, in my defense I NEVER send anything back. EVER!!! That’s how your food gets tampered with. It’s a huge risk that’s not worth taking. Also if you’re gonna send your food back you better damn wait until I get my food so that it’s not at risk for being spat in as well. End Story – I was forced eat the delicious fries. Moral – today is a new day and I’m going for 3 for 3.

I have the dreaded tax appointment on Saturday but I’m pretty sure I will get a little cash back so keep your fingers crossed for me peeps. Lastly, I cannot believe I will be running in Brooklyn next month!!! Super duper excited.

Have a great Thursday, peeps! Hope your casita is nice and tidy and if you’re living in a dirty place like me don’t trip – we’re over the hump!

Speaking of humps 🙂

Hey it’s been a while since I did a video. Sorry if this doesn’t live up to the very high MJ & Salt-N-Pepa standards around here. BUT IT WORKED!!!



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