Lady in red and getting back on track


Thank you baby Jesus! It’s Friday! I have quite a bit of work to do but I wanted to get this post out to the Interwebbies! Yesterday, I ate healthy all mother f’ing day! Hooraz! Feeling like I’m back on track and hoping to do some juicing this weekend. I actually didn’t look too terrible this morning. Ya know, post-shower giving myself the once over. Anyone else do that? Like a quick lil’ naked check to assess your sexy? Speaking of sexy, I’m linking up with follow through Friday because we all know I needs me some of that.


Weekend Workout Plans!

– 3 mile run after work TODAY!

– Saturday – 8.5 miler (dreading, scared, and excited)

– Sunday – Bar method!


1)Ruby Woo lipstick. Do I go to the MAC store after work and buy it or just order it online and wait a few days. I have so much to do this weekend. I should order it but I want it NOW! I’ve been rockin’ a red lip with some black eyeliner for a while now and everyone says this is the red to have…so I’m considering it. Especially since this! HEART TRACEE ELLIS ROSS!

I love working out in lipstick. Gives me a pop when I look in the mirror, makes me feel spicy & pretty while I’m sweating & it does not move no matter how much I sweat. The lipstick is MAC Cosmetics #RubyWoo. Try it and TAG pics of yourself getting #RedLipFit!

2) Super Productive Saturday. I have A LOT I want to get done tomorrow and I really need to NOT sleep the day away. Fingers crossed I get it all done even though if I just get my taxes filed and run 8.5 miles it will be a success. But I want the 150%. We’ll see.

3)LAUNDRY….I have so much laundry. I need someone to come and help me downsize my closet. Growing up poor has made me a clothes hoarder. T-shirts from college, check. Bridesmaid dresses, check. I just can’t bear to get rid of clothes. It’s a disease. Plus all those years of living SF and hating to go to the Laundromat did NOT help! I have enough stuff to wear for a month and be dirty for a month and then some. Not work out clothes though. Clearly my time in SF was based around work, happy hour, partying. Also my job at that time required more dressing up so I have a lot of stuff I don’t wear. Sigh….send help!

4)Next week I’m making lunches and I think I need to break down and buy some more tupperware. Like I said random.

5)BLOGGING WITH YOUR FACE! Most blogs I read have peoples face and/or kids on them. They are just straight up out there. I write a little cra-to-the-zee on my blog and haven’t really gotten to the place where I feel like ok, I’m putting my face/photos (identifiable) on here. How do you get to that place? Am I just a weirdo for keeping this a secret. Although I’m sure if you had a modicum of hacker skills you could find out who writes this blog but ya know what I mean?

Alright, it’s time for some more coffee and to tackle the day! It’s the Pass/No Pass deadline and all my students will be coming in to freak out about whether they should stick with a letter grade or take a Pass. GPA worries, Academic Probation worries, and what not.

PS. Let me know when you posted your face on your blog? What your workouts are looking like? And how you handle the clothes issue!!!


2 thoughts on “Lady in red and getting back on track

  1. i’m not a fan of selfies even though i’m trying to break out of that. it’s just that i don’t know what to do with my face! so i resort to the half-selfie where i’ll only take half of my face LOL

    • Hmmm…. the half selfie. Baby steps, right? Your half selfie will eventually turn into a whole selfie. Maybe I need to start with a half selfie and see how that feels. Not that the Interwebs needs to see this ugly mug but it seems to be what all the cool bloggers do.

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