Mission Accomplished! I’m a golden god!


This happened today – Booyah!


My run and my taxes got filed so SUCCESS people! I’m about to get organized and tackle a few things on my list so holla! This girl is getting it done! FYI I was also vegetarian yesterday. Not gonna lie that was hard because this girl loves her some meat!!!

Maybe a nap first? I’m tired…. Sigh. Chilling on the couch, blogging, hydrating, and watching The Wedding Date. Don’t judge!!! Dermont Mulroney so sexy!!! Also Family Stone – I enjoy that ish!!!


Ok, here’s the real deal. I wanted to share the 8.5 mile playlist. Without further ado, my Saturday jam fest. Because running is old people’s get down time. I have a little saki and sushi date later with Boy so hash tag this old lady is completely blessed!





Hope you’re having a kick ass weekend, Interwebbie buddies!


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