Just another whiny post about my back from a crazy old lady


Seriously, I’m in A LOT of upper back and shoulder pain. I should not have come into the office. Apparently, I slept like a f’ing crazy person and woke up all jacked up. I assumed that after moving around for a bit it would dissipate. I was incredibly wrong. I would leave early but I have appointments this afternoon. I guess I will leave at 4pm and head home to icy hot my old lady back before bar method. I have to actually weigh in this week…blargh. However yesterday I was looking pretty good until we ate all that Korean BBQ for dinner. I basically needed to roll myself through the house after that. WAY TO MUCH FOOD. That is why my friends you do not order take out after spending an afternoon drinking on your awesome roof deck.

Please let this generic advil from the office medicine cabinet cure me…please!!!

WORKOUT SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK – If I haven’t broken myself because I am feeling VERY BROKEN.
MONDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method
TUESDAY – 6:00am Bar Method
THURSDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method

I am loving my Ruby Woo lipstick and Cherry lip liner, ladies. I may have to head to MAC again on Friday to pick up another matte shade and lipliner. The staying power is also REALLY impressive.

Anyways, I wish I could kick it longer but I need to do work very slowly and try to not eat more of these generic advils. SAD FACE.

Hopefully your Monday is going better than mine so far. Here’s some motivation.



But I’m feeling more like this. Except it’s I’m broken.

Ok, let’s all go make Monday happen.
your broken lbg

6 thoughts on “Just another whiny post about my back from a crazy old lady

    • Kathy you are the best! Of course when my neck still hurt at 11 this afternoon I cancelled my class. Because as an old lady I value rest. No idea what I did but on hold until tomorrow. I intend to just lay flat for the rest of the day. Gawd, I hope I don’t need a neck brace – that’s sexy right there ๐Ÿ˜‰

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