Day 2 of the Never-ending neck pain ( insert theme musica from The Never ending Story)



So I’m home today and I’m like 90% sure advising in my non-ergonomic chair and working our quick question hotline for four hours ( yeah, we’re short staffed – not my job) f’ed me up more. This lbg should have left work but my GODDAMN commitment to the youth kept me there. Sigh, so today I am home and injured. Soon I will get up to shower sheerly to get more icy hot.

You never EVER realize how much your neck does until every twist or turn causes you to twinge. In bar method class they always tell us to drop our shoulder and release the tension. Which I assumed was true but now sweet bebe Jesus I KNOW it’s true!!! Shoulders up and I feel that tension in my poor little neck. You’re in your thirties and even sleeping is dangerous… Sigh. I’ve spent most of the morning on my back where my neck can relax.


April was supposed to be sexy back but now I’m on hiatus. It sucks!!!! Of course, I’m injured! Sad face. Just me some coffee and sex and the city. Looking tore back because I’m in pain!!!! I’m this close to wearing a neck brace.

This is all I have my friends. And why is it when you’re home and sick you just want to snack??? Argh!!! Ok, after this episode – I’m hitting the showers.

Your dirty and injured lbg


3 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Never-ending neck pain ( insert theme musica from The Never ending Story)

  1. what helped me lickity split: acupucnture, cupping and then massage. fixes me right up and i’ve done that shit countless times that my acupuncturist yells : WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF? every time LOL

    • I’m feeling better so far but def gonna bust out a little heat wrap post lunch and request the boyfriend give these shoulders another rubdown. However if I get Thursday pain, I may need to find a legit acupuncturist. I EFF’ING HATE NEEDLES…so it will have to be some serious pain though, homegirl.

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