FRIDAY! AND I’M DUNZO! Send cocktails

Really glad it’s Friday but WAY BEHIND in the old workaroo. Just me trapped under mounds of paperwork. It’s depressing and I will be in LA this weekend with no real time to catch up. SAD FACE. There are not enough hours in the day, people. And I am not Beyonce!! There’s no personal chef, trainer, assistant and housekeeper over here! That’s why I hate that stupid meme (you have the same hours in a day as Beyonce). Yeah, but no eff’ing staff. She probably doesn’t even brush her own teeth! END RANT. Hey, at least it’s Friday!!! I am like at 90% recovery mode. There has been zero working out but tomorrow I will do my 9 miler at a REALLY slow pace. Just to be extra safe. Yes, yes…if I start hurting I will stop.

In other news, me and the Boy are talking August or September vacay. The list includes Mexico (exact location TBD), Miami, or maybe Hawaii. Thoughts? We are trying to keep it budget friendly so we’d be flying out of SFO or Oakland. Any tips or good websites. I seriously love Hawaii (Maui!) but it’s not super budget friendly. I’ve never been to Miami so that would be fun. Also my bf has friends there so we’d probably stay with them for one night or two. Mexico is always good times so that’s a possibility. I really just need beach and cocktails and a half way ok place to crash. I’d like to spend as little time at the hotel and would rather be out and about. But MIAMI’s like a million degrees hot so Hotel is probably more important there. Thoughts?

Why did I capitalize Miami like that? No idea…my brain must be fried.

Plus vacation is such good motivation to dial in the fitness so I can look HOT and not lumpy. I mean lumpy is adorable but it’s always nice to be sexy rexy. Of course, you shouldn’t be injured and working out so that needs to be resolved. HEAL YOURSELF OLD BODY!!!! Sigh, my body is hating me.

I miss bar method. Not that I don’t miss running. I just know that running this week was a bad idea but bar method I wasn’t sure. It could of gone either way but better to play it safe with Brooklyn on the horizon. What an old lady comment. Eh, that’s what happens I suppose. Now hand me my walker.

Next week, I’m gonna bring fitness back in a big way! That sentence seems like I’m setting myself up to fail but I’m gonna roll with the upbeat optimism because I CAN!!!

breakfast club

I didn’t eat breakfast today because I was late and this made me feeling like bringing a little Molly Ringwald to the blog. I seriously heart me some Molly Ringwald. Although I think I’m more of a Sixteen Candles/Pretty in Pink and then Breakfast Club girl.

Long story short – I’m starving!!!

Hope you all are having a Fabulous Friday! Let me know what kind of fun you have planned!!!




6 thoughts on “FRIDAY! AND I’M DUNZO! Send cocktails

  1. If you’re traveling in August or September, I recommend Hawaii. Miami will be hot and humid as all get-out. Mexico will like be hot, too. Oh–and hurricane season starts in Aug., so that could definitely affect your ability to enjoy time on the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico.

  2. Ooo that’s a tough one… I absolutely love Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club. Totally agree with you too, nothing motivates me more to get it together with my fitness routine than a beach vacation! I’ve had so many slip-ups lately…I need to get it together before May 2!

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