It’s a little childish but so is this blog


Tuesday TO-DOs

I’m feeling like it’s Spring and I want to clean up not only the casita but my life in general. You know, my multi-faceted attempts to become a grown-up in my thirties. It would really be something to feel like I have my ish together by 40. Whoah that’s a number to write. I’m still getting used to thinking of myself as 33. I feel like I’m still 28. The world just keeps on spinning people so you better enjoy it. Straight Up Ferris Bueller style.

TUESDAY TO-DOs (NOT like Ferris)

MONDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method – check
TUESDAY – 7:00am Bar Method – check
WEDNESDAY – short run
THURSDAY – Morning Bar Method (?) – we will see how I feel – will probably only do Thurs or Fri not both
FRIDAY – Morning Bar Method (?)
SATURDAY – 9.5 miles
SUNDAY – Familia time

* I have a missing credit card. I’m gonna do a looksie tonight and call and cancel it. I know once I do this it will magically show up under a magazine on my desk.
* This Summer – I am taking a day off to go through my entire closet. Purge!!! I wear like 10 things yet continue to house a gajillion. I don’t need a 27 dresses situation.

* Post my JM program and PX90 on craigslist. I’m not using them (hello BAR METHOD and running!) so I could use a little side cash.
* Work on sample week day schedules to get my life in some sort of productive state. Yes, I am this nerdy. And yes, that disorganized. I moved in October and still haven’t got my groove back. How does that happen???
* Work on my May (Brooklyn Baby budget), the Summer (aka Vacay Savings budget), and create a September (back to grown-up budget) and hope I don’t crash and burn per the usual.

TUESDAY TOPS (like Ferris)

1. VACAY IS LOOKING LIKE EITHER HAWAII OR MEXICO! OMG, I want to know so I can let the day dreaming begin!!!.
2. MACCHIATOS WITH AN EXTRA SHOT = HEAVEN! F’ing Starbucks, you’re just my bestie…or my crack dealer.
3. Dude! My gapfit gfast running leggings are LA BOMBA! Running in them on Saturday was straight amaze balls. I need to start monitoring all GAPFIT sales ASAP because I want to live in these bad boys.
4. Tuesday! New JM podcast! Hooraz!!!

HAPPY TUESDAY, PEEPS! Holla at me with your Tuesday to-dos or Tuesday Tops!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s a little childish but so is this blog

  1. My only real “Tuesday To-Do’s” are to make dinner and sleep, after I get off work. Not real fun, there…or maybe I’ll blare some music and clean some..? Who knows? 😉

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