Zombie Jesus, Reese’s Eggs, and another weekend

Easter Weekend means time with our crazy familias.

My sister cracks me up. At one point this weekend I caught her dancing to a commercial. Her response – “ummm…..yes?” I can’t even remember what commercial it was but it was HILARIOUS! Who gets down to commercials??? Apparently my sister.

I caught up on Grimm and Mindy yesterday. Love me some Friday. Oh Mindy!!! Danny Castellano, you fool! Whatevs, they belong together. Also Schmit (new girl) on Mindy!!! Hearted it! The only sad thing was me and my Mama ran out of beers. Gordon Biersh Marzden, you delicious little beer. My Grandma R even had a little glass and promptly got ready for bed. She seriously sucked it down with an ahhh! We all had a toast and a laugh. She’s not doing so hot so those little moments are really the best.

I ran today but alas my shoulder was hurting me so instead of my scheduled 10 miles I just did 6. I comforted myself with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Delicious!



Working out this week has been good! I went to bar method on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday morning. Plus my 6 miler so all and all feeling bueno. I may try to wake up early and do a 5k but that really depends on my bedtime.

Nothing’s quite as sexy as smelling like icy hot so lucky for the Boy, I’m down in the South Bay. Tonight my Mom and me will kick it and make her AMAZING macaroni salad for me to pawn off on my Dad’s familia as my own – WAHAHAHa! That’s my evil laugh.

My Grandma doesn’t eat too much so the casita is covered in goodies to entice her. Sadly, it just means I am putting something unhealthy (delicious) in my mouth every other minute. As I dust the Lays crumbs off my boobs.

I hope you all are having a kick ass weekend whether your family hides hard boiled eggs or not. Let me know what’s shaking interwebbies!!!



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