Being an old lady ain’t easy

Being a grown-up can be absolutely sucky. However there are those tangible moments where you see your life and feel accomplished, happy, and in disbelief that this is where life has lead you. I love those moments of feeling blessed and relishing that this is not what I imagined 33 would be like…this is better. This was NOT one of those weekends.

This was a weekend where you step into your life and just feel like being an adult is hard. Taking care of people is not easy and sometimes acknowledging the most important things are the hardest. It was one of those weekends with mi familia and taking some steps to make sure that my Grandma and Mom both have the support they need. Sometimes being a grown-up means giving support in ways that are very difficult for others but in terms of practicality, safety, and love they need to be discussed. It’s not fun, there are usually tears, but it comes from a place of love. Seriously, there’s nothing else that makes me want to hurl myself from a bridge more than making my sweet mama cry. Sigh…but you need to let those tears out sometime. I’m a big believer in emotional release whether through talking with your bestie, therapy, running, and sometimes crying. All those feelings need somewhere to go….hey sometimes it’s the bottle of a tequila bottle. I kid…well kinda 🙂

Anyways this weekend was hard but your familia is always worth it. I got a sweet six miles in and managed to work out 4x last week. Hooraz….that was a weak hooraz. I’m still a little down. I did enter to win some Mizuno kicks from Skinny Chick’s blog. Fingers crossed. You should enter too! Right here.

It’s Marathon Monday!!! I’m rocking a race shirt to support Boston and all the runners and amazing survivors. Hashtag Boston Strong…hehe…I crack myself up. I do want to say though someone on the facebook mentioned supporting Boston Strong but also Boston Vulnerable. People need to grieve and understand that worlds change in a minute and it’s okay to feel vulnerable in those moments. I just thought that was really great and powerful. Sorry I’m all SAD BASTARD today. It cannot be helped. Well, it can be helped if I win some new kicks….I kid, again! Well kinda 😉

In other news, I caught up w/ Grey’s!!!! Dude, Avery and Kepner!! You guys love each other but I’m like c’mon Kepner!!! You knew Avery was a man of science and your kids would not grow-up all bible study when you eloped!!!! How are you only realizing this NOW!!!!! I wanted slap her little red head silly. Cristina Yang, I love you. That is all, I will not ruin the episode further for all y’all. PS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IS THE LONGEST MOVIE EVER!!!! If you celebrate Easter I hope you had a lovely day.

Thankfully, I did not OD on Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I’m hoping to stay on track this week and actually run 10 miles for my long run. I’ll hit up my bar method tonight, Tuesday, and Thursday (or Sunday). I really want to clean my room but familia stuff has been keeping me on the go. We can’t have it all and by that I mean a clean casita. Sad face. At least I have a whole foods salad for lunch with KALE!!! That always cheers me up. Yep, old lady status in full effect. Now, I’m off to internet shop to clear my Monday Blues 😉

Love ya interwebbies! Let me know if you’ve been struggling with being a grown-up too! Or just cheer me up w/ your weekend Easter drunken shenanigans!

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One thought on “Being an old lady ain’t easy

  1. we gotta do what we gotta do to support family. my mom lives with me and she’s not an easy person to live with but i do it because i refuse to let her live by herself or in a home. i gave up on grey’s the last few episodes have been so terrible it’s not worth my time anymore 😦

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