Just another barre check in and blog love

It’s 3:45pm and I am done. ALREADY? Maybe it’s this whole 2 days of working out in a row. Bar Method has been particularly kick ass in the past two days. Monday, that little white ball of torture came out. I effing hate that ball if it didn’t make my thighs look so sexy. We also did fold overs….my body was displeased to say the least. Sure, it looks easy but your bending your leg and foot and working your glutes – TERRIBLE!
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This morning I hit up the 7am class since I work my 11-8 (hello frosh dorm advising) and they busted out arabesque. Those bastards! My leg was shaking so badly. ARGHHH…Mine doesn’t quite look like this.

via bar method

Well, at least the work outs are happening because I am taking some kind of August Vacation that will require a swimsuit!!! Still working on those dates…the joys of coordinating with your significant other.

DUDE! Starbucks has instant vanilla lattes??? When did this happen and are they any good?? Please let me know!!!

My Brooklyn registration for Bib pick up with my wave time was available today – WAVE 2 – 7:45AM! Makes it real!!! Cannot believe I’m getting to do the Brooklyn Half?? Destination racing, who am I? I’m just some little brown girl who grew up in the SJ. Feeling kinda awesome. Speaking of Brooklyn, anyone heart/read/follow Sheryl Yvette? Her blog is awesome. She’s taken some time off but kept quite a few of her posts up on her site. Anyways, she ran Brooklyn and completely inspired me…like two years ago – here. I wanted to run it last year but my bestie tied the knot that weekend so it was out. Being the blogging nerd I am….I messaged her via facebook to see if she’d be running. She responded BACK! And she’ll be there….I’ve yet to write back but she’s awesome and I seriously hope I get to run into her. Hehe…like what I did there? Yes, I am that lame.  Damn, Brooklyn is getting so real. Cannot wait. Also if you have any NYC tips holla at me!! So far besides the race I have Brooklyn brewery on my list with Central Park and maybe a lunch at Tavern on the Green. We might try to hit up a show but it’s yet to be determined.

I also am kinda toying with the idea of continuing to increase my mileage post Brooklyn. Like…marathon mileage. There are a couple of October California Marathons I could do. I’m not sure yet…it’s a big commitment but just day dreaming about it. Also does anyone use compression socks? I’m thinking of getting a pair. I also think they’d be good on the LONG flight back from NYC. Hopefully I’m not too sore. I have my 10 miles this weekend since Easter interfered and I just did a quick 6.

Alright my lovelies, we’ve got a weigh in tomorrow and confessions w/ Vodka and Soda! I need to work on what crazy ish I’m confession tomorrow. I should of saved the whole nerdy blogger contacting Sheryl thing. GODDAMN! Oh well, trust this old lady has plenty of material.



4 thoughts on “Just another barre check in and blog love

  1. I remember my first barre class…I took it because my “gym buddy” told me it was “easy”. Easy in that I wasn’t gasping for breath, but my muscles never knew the things they were asked to do in that class! I’ll never let her live it down, but I am happy that I went, because now I love it!

    • It is seriously like crack…well maybe more like cocaine because those classes are not cheap! But sooo worth it. Bar method keeps me sane….or at least from punching peeps in the face.

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