I get around…round and round….like 94′ around


Weigh In Wednesday

Easter eff’d my ish up. Or to be more precise, Reese’s. Those bastards with their delicious little bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Apparently, I consumed + .3 lbs of Reese’s eggs…ok… well…there was definitely a fair share of beer in there. All and all not a terrible gain nor unexpected but still. BLARGH!


Today I’m subbing out my short run for a walk – still 3 miles but just because I have old lady shoulder pain. However I am kicking ass with the workouts and feel like I can tackle my 10 miler on Saturday.


1. When people text you “Did you call me?” It’s 20 effing 14 your phone does not lie. I called you. Sure, you can text “Hey I missed you call. What’s up?” Unless your name is something with an A and you are getting everyone’s butt dials – no excuses!!!! I called you!! It just wasn’t worthy of a message or me singing like Stevie Wonder ” I just called to say I love you.” Wait..or is that Lionel Richie?
2. As much as I love my boyfriend sometimes I want to just punch him in the face. I’m sure he has these feeling too but still it sucks. Just a big ole BAM! No idea what this says about me but since I don’t actually act on it, I’m gonna file it under non-psycho.
3. The more I workout, the more I buy workout clothes, the more I just want to LIVE in my workout clothes. THEY’RE SO COMFORTABLE!!!! Too bad that’s not fully acceptable. A girl can dream though.

4. I hate seeing SONIC commercials because to my knowledge there isn’t a SONIC near my casa for miles and miles!!! I want one of those damn shakes!!!! Why do you continue to waste advertising dollars on a region that you are nowhere near???
5. I have a laundry pile roughly the size of a kindergartener….it’s frightful. It’s like a little blob of a pile taking over the corner of the bedroom.
6. I am over this week and it’s only Wednesday…that doesn’t bode well for my employee output or for my partner getting some… I’m just so ready for it to be Friday night. I already feel like I deserve some mac and cheese. The dinner of poor, broke, slackers.


Yes, that’s an image from Reality Bites. You should rent this movie if you have not seen it!!! It’s all the 90’s angst and recession-ness. Plus Lisa Loeb! Here, for your viewing pleasure.

7. I HATE WASHING MY HAIR! I think I only it wash it like 3x a week and if I could get away with less I would. I have long, thick hair and it takes a million years to dry. It’s a pain but I look like I’m 12 with short hair. Yea, that whole professional short bob makes me look like a haggard 14 year old freshman. I try to utilize the dry shampoo but sometimes it just need to be pulled back. I’m not about having a stinky head.

Holla at me with what’s ailing you on the humpy to the hump day, kids. I am just trying to keep my head up as Tupac says. Uh-huh, I brought back the 90’s like that.


5 thoughts on “I get around…round and round….like 94′ around

  1. i only wash my hair about 3x/week too. since i made the switch to natural shampoo, i don’t have to wash it every day which is awesome because i’m a lazy bitch! and i fully plan on wearing my workout capris to work in the summer and passing them off as tights đŸ™‚

  2. ehh reeses is the devil! i have made my third easter without endulging, even though, they have those huge eggs that are like the ones the grandmas use to make at the bake sales and i can only imagine how good they are!

    let me put your mind at ease about sonic. i too, was envious of the commercials, and then I went to one, and while they have amazing drinks…their food isn’t all that great!

    and washing your hair is a total girl thing. all of my girlfriends and myself talk about the ordeal that it is. dry shampoo for a couple days, and ugh…washing it? really??

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