Just put a blazer on and make it happen

Welcome to Thursday Rant. Sit down and pour yourself a cup of joe. Go ahead add some cream, life is bitter enough. Oh wait, you’re at home reading this? Dude, just open up the red. Yep, let’s do this!

I am so over all the bad scheduling at my oficina. It makes me want to just scream. Instead I walk into one of our advising offices where they have this little peanut M&M gumball machine. I eat like 5-7 peanut M&Ms and go along with my day. So much for getting over my Easter candy addiction. I mean there are peanuts in them so they’re better than other candy right? It’s not like a starburst. That’s the rational I’m sticking too! Peanut M&Ms practically a nut!

I feel like if I put on a blazer it instantly makes my outfit professional and me by default a grown-up. Even if it’s with jeans. It’s like BAM grown-up! Kids don’t wear blazers nor do slackers. Yep, eating M&Ms in my blazer. Speaking of winning. THIS.

I’m already over this week and just focusing that I will be AWESOME next week to make up for all the un-productivity. I mean I’m gonna do Friday laundry. WINNING. There will be wine and probably also some movie watching. Hashtag Fridaysinyourthirties


Today I actually requested VACATION! Fingers crossed it’s approved and then the TICKET HUNTING CAN BEGIN! Hawaii is still on the table, we just let Tulum, Mexico jump back on, and there’s also Zihuatanejo, Mexico out there too. Hooraz….so fun!!! Too bad I’m eating thai food and M&Ms like a woman ready to rock the mumu. I want to be sexy and eat my chocolate too!!! Next week, next week.

At least today and yesterday I’ve been drink water. It’s a small battle and I’ve won, holla.

This post is really about me pretending to win everything but just kinda failing. Fake it ’till you make it, interwebbies. That’s the philosophy of the day. Grey’s probably won’t even be very good tonight…sigh, Thursday unsave-able.

Let’s here your Thursday rants, buddies. How’s this crazy week treating you all? XOXO


6 thoughts on “Just put a blazer on and make it happen

    • Serious. That’s the thing w/ big destination vacays – ya got to factor in the day or two of travel time. Personally, I really dig coming back from vacation and having a day at home before I have to return to real life. You know where I have to cook for myself, cannot start drinking promptly at 9am, and am not surrounded by beach. Real life it’s the pits ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Good luck on planning your vacation. Life is always better when you have a trip to look forward too ๐Ÿ™‚ I like having take-out and home time Friday night, then we are all rested for day drinking on Saturday (kidding kinda of) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That sounds straight up perfect. I once saw a shirt that said “wine tasting on my couch” and that just warmed my heart. Being able to be at home in my stretchy pants drinking and eating take-out now that’s the ish in your thirties. Thanks for stopping by chica! I am digging your blog mucho!

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