I just play a criminally insane adviser on tv

It’s FRIDAY! This week has sucked the life out of me and this morning there was all kinds of crazy pants news around LA OFICINA. Just gonna drink my coffee, see all the students, and run outta here at 5pm. DAMN, just realized I need to swing by the back for quarters. Apartment living problems. Thank bebe Jesus, I no longer live in SF and have to camp out at the Laundromat. Gross.

Here’s a little looksie at what College Advising is all about. I submit my facebook status from yesterday.

LBG – Just another morning as a College Adviser
1st year – Yea! You can do anything!!! This is awesome, you’re awesome! MAJOR IN EVERYTHING!End of 2nd Year – umm…so Computer Science is breaking up with you. I know..I know you love him but it’s not you, it’s Computer Science. There are so many good majors out there…look English is just waiting in the wings. Besides you’re better than CS

There we go. Pre-med is the hardest. Those kids are in cult like status. Straight up, pre-med or die. Luckily, they can add on a Post bacc or Masters in Science if they can’t get into MCB (molecular cellular biology) or hit the GPA as an undergrad. But me saying that does break their little hearts. I HATE BEING THE DREAM CRUSHER! But really it’s just readjusting your dream. You can still me a Doctor! Just not right after this BA, yo.

PS My make-up is looking so good today. Primer, you are worth every damn penny. I am now a primer addict. I hate being addicted to nice things!!! Sigh, but this helps my oily little Mexican face keep all the make-up put and beautiful. I am soooo-oooo oily. It’s terrible except for the fact that ish moisturizes and no one ever thinks I’m 33. Thank you for the good genes, baby Jesus.

I just discovered True Detective and that ish is GOOD! I plan on watching the other 5 episodes this weekend and wiping out Season 1. Matthew McCona – no idea how to spell the rest of this and Woody Harrelson (?) also unsure but all 5 of you know who I’m talking about. Anyways, who knew from Dazed & Confused & Cheers respectively, you all would true out to be HELLA good actors. MIND BLOWN. Way to have range, sirs.

Also because I started this blog to get my ass back on track to sexy forever. Here’s how the workouts have played out.
WEDNESDAY – low impact – 5 mile walk
Thursday/Friday – rest

Hoping to hit all 5, peeps. I will keep you posted especially since last night was Pizza, Beer, and Girl Scout Cookies. Yea, that happened.

Anyways, have a kick ass weekend. Let me know what you old ladies got planned. And any young folk, drunk comment me with all your bad 3 am decisions…good times, good times.


2 thoughts on “I just play a criminally insane adviser on tv

  1. Oh advising, I worked in the Undergrad Business School office while I was getting my MBA, and goodness the stories the kids would come up with. I argued 10 minutes with some girl about “co-requisite” versus “pre-requisite” and all I wanted her to do was sign in to discuss the issue, I wasn’t even making the decision.

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