Letters from an lbg

it was a LONG week and my shoulder is bothering me again and as a result I’m in bed right now. It’s time for me to check myself, get serious again about my health, and get back to the 2014 goals. Thursday and Friday I was a hot mess of stress eating and unproductivity. Despite the need to icy hot myself like the old lady I’m becoming I’m trying to put on the big girl panties and make some ish happen today.


The lbg’s big girl goals for pulling it together in MAY but in which we start today.

1. DRINK MORE WATER. Water keeps you hydrated, the wrinkles at Bay, and me from filling my body with crap. Six glasses a day, beattches! We’re gonna make this happen as I kick back on the latte addiction and this beautiful Spring time beer.

2. WORK IT, BEBE! I’ve actually done a good job of bringing back the fit this week. So let’s just keep at it. I’m slowly realizing that more and regular work out means sacrificing wearing my hair down. I need to embrace the hair up and figure out ways to give my hair a little steez. I might need to bring out my pin up bandana for all my red lip days.

3. CASITA CLEAN. I need to come home Monday – Friday and tidy up one thing even if it’s as lame as washing the toothpaste out of my sink. Work is sucking the life outta me but I refuse to let it suck up my life with exhaustion! Seriously I feel better when I’m not living like the rat king.


4. EAT CLEAN, MUNCHIE. Simply put, I’ve been the stress eating munch-inator. No tracking, no lunch packing, and making some straight up poor eating out decisions. Summer fruits and veggies will be here soon, hooraz. First step is limiting those bready pasta delicious carbs. I need to put some actual nutrition back in my mouth and tame the bloaty gut. Yea, that’s pretty sexy right.


5. GIVE IT AWAY NOW. By the end of MAY two clothes bags MUST go to Goodwill. The clothes hoarding must be tamed. I need let it go.

Alright, the manifesto has been set out. I’m off to add more Icey hot and hopefully work on 3 &4 of this list. Sigh, thanks for pulling me out of the gutter, Interwebby buddies. It’s time to get up, brush off the Girl Scout crumbles, and wash away the booze.



4 thoughts on “Letters from an lbg

  1. Sounds like some good goals!! Ugg we are really bad about not cleaning during the week and having to do it on the weekend…and if I’m being real, P does most of it. I try to keep dried mangos and nuts in my desk for snack emergencies…though fresh fruit is certainly better! Good luck!

  2. I am such a clothes hoarder too! I have pulled out all my summer/spring clothes but not touched them, because I know the goodwill bags will sit in my living room for weeks waiting to be taken.

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