I couldn’t smell the Bog of Eternal Stench if I tried…. Sniffle… Run… Sniffle

Yep, this Chica ran 10 miles and it didn’t kill me. Dude, it was close though. First, it ended up being CRAZY windy and a high pollen day and the Claritin has yet to kick in. So no, it was not a pretty sight but I drug my body through the windy and sniffled my way through it.


Let’s take a look at the splits… Well because that’s what those runner blogs do ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean I made a serious come back at mile 5. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t breathing so great at mile 7 due to all the friggin’ pollen. I probably should pack some Claritin for NYC since I have no idea what’s blooming in Brooklyn.


I kept trying to remember what they say about racing during this 10er because I was NOT feeling it. You run one part with your heart, another with your head but DAMN what was the third part??? I straight up felt like Sarah in Labyrinth where she’s confronting the Goblin King and cannot effing remember! And you’re yelling at the TV “Girl! It’s you have no power over me!!!” Ok, well maybe that’s just my childhood.

Anyways, the quote goes that you run the first part with your head, second with your personality, and the last part with your heart. Whatever the Goblin King stole my baby with that run but it’s over so I’m cool. Sorry Tobey.

The other day I decided to torture myself and try on some wunder under lululemon pants. Now I only own 2 lulu items that were basically in their clearance section but they’re Lulu and far too fancy for clearance so they call it “we made too much.” I figured it’d be good to know my pant size in case a sale hits. DUDE, I see why you ladies buy these 90.00 pants they are the shizz and even more comfortable than my gap gfast 30 dollar sale pants (regular 55). I wanted to live in these pants. GOdDAMN it! I hate loving expensive things! I mean usually Target wins most things but ok lulu addicts I see (pant wise) why you are a cult – clearly a rich cult – but yea. I also dig the jackets there but $128 – damn! Not that much.

Alright back to being poor, I’m still having mild neck and shoulder pain so I might see the chiropractor but maybe should meet with my Dr. first?? No idea. I’ve just been becoming besties with the Icey Hot and avoiding the thought we might need a new bed because beds are HELLA expensive.

RANDOM unrelated note – I also am really digging the fresh squeezed juice from whole foods – I drank some beet, carrot, celery juice yesterday and I must say delicious and nutritious! You all need to get on that.


Last week I managed four workouts not the five I aimed for but not so bad. I’m gonna aim for five again and here’s the proposal:
Monday – bar method
Tuesday – bar method
Wednesday – run
Saturday – 10.5
Sunday – bar method

Fingers crossed, yo. It’s Monday and you know that means drama, kids. Here’s hoping you punch Monday in the face and not the other way around. Don’t worry I’ll still be here if you need ice.

Let me know what your weekend workout looked like or how’s Monday treating you.


3 thoughts on “I couldn’t smell the Bog of Eternal Stench if I tried…. Sniffle… Run… Sniffle

  1. That is great you did your run even though you were not feeling well! All I think while running is, when is it over ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t been able to pick up the “I like exercise attitude yet”…I’m hoping by reading all you fit bitches blogs some of the good attitude will rub off. I bought running shoes, so I’m taking baby steps ๐Ÿ™‚

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