The drug induced Wednesday link up – now with even more LURVE

ALLERGIES – million LBG – negative five

It’s time for some Wednesday link up LURVE

Weigh In Wednesday

Check out these heathy beeatches. I’m finally recovering from my allergies. Hellloooo Zyrtec! Not 100% but the Claritin was a waste of $20.00 at least with the Zyrtec there’s no crying aka teary eyes, way less sneezing, and only mild running nose. I will take it!!! So yea, no weigh in this morning and I ate a bagel. I promise my snotty booty will jump on the scale next week. At least I’m working out!! Small victories.

Speaking of victories, look who got all fancy on us!!! Kathy from Vodka and Soda! BAM an actual link up button! That’s sexy.

Vodka and Soda

These are my allergy, bagel eating, sick day confessions. Buckle up, peeps
1. Some people see Keifer Sutherland and they’re all – Dude, Jack Bauer ie 24 guy. I just see this.


Always and forever. Lost Boys. He’s just the lead vampire trying to make us eat maggots in the secret vampire lair. Little know fact – that’s the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk in the movie. I grew up going there!

2. You’re riding the BART ( Bay Area subway) during commuter hours and have no effing idea of what you’re doing. You don’t ask or observe and follow social norms!!! You just make my ass late! GOD DAMN! Or this!


3. When I’m running and I see a fellow lady runner and her ta-tas bounce. No, not a little shake like those ladies are having a run all their own. And I’m like Man, homegirl let me help you out. You need a new sports bra. I know what you’re thinking some ladies are SUPER busty and it’s an issue…Noooo!!! These are just C cup ladies running in god knows what??? Why??? Why???? FYI I think the Sports Bra would me a great name for a bar that focuses on lady sports like softball, NWBA, soccer, gymnastics and served delicious beer.

4. It’s a beautiful day in the 80s and I should be pulling a damn Ferris Bueller instead I’m taming the allergies. WEAK!!!

I promise next week their will be a full on fitness update and what have you. Also 2.5 weeks till Brooklyn I’m beyond excited!!! Let me know what’s going with your Wednesday, kiddies.


8 thoughts on “The drug induced Wednesday link up – now with even more LURVE

    • Thanks for having the best link up out there Chica! Nothing like having peeps keep it real on Wednesday. I can’t help but heart all the old lady ones in particular. Xox

    • Right??!!! I would totally get my drink on there! They could have happy hour for ladies ice skating and I’d drink my way through triple axles. Thanks for stopping by, Chica!

  1. I’m confused about what is so confusing about public transportation. During cherry blossom season in DC I have to add an extra TEN MINUTES TO MY MORNING COMMUTE FOR THESE PEOPLE. I’m sorry, move to the side, let people off the train, then walk on. Have you card ready to swipe out…liiiiiikkeeeeeeee

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