On Fridays we link up….or you can’t sit with us



I said I wasn’t but how can I resist. Let’s kick it w/ Amanda and her Friday Favorites link up, shall we?
Friday Favorites

1. FAVORITE DRINK OF THE WEEK – COCONUT WATER! Surprise it’s not booze but definitely helping me bring sexy back. Water is so critical to getting healthy it’s just not even funny. Downside, I have to pee all the time! My body is readjusting to this whole hydration with water as opposed to beer thing. Thank you, True Burger for letting me run into your bathroom because I would have not made the walk home from the train. I owe you.



So cute! Not to mention – wayyyyyy less slipping and that little cushion on the back makes my leg feel so much better on the barre. Way less pressure. Hooraz, I love you pointe barre socks πŸ™‚

3.FAVORITE RANDOM OLD VIDEO – MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEAVE ME ALONE. This video is just really effing cool. It’s weird, artsy, and Michael. From the vaults, beattches! Enjoy!


4. FAVORITE FRIDAY CLOTHING ITEM – MY BROOKLYN SHIRT!!! Reliving all the magic of the fact I ran the Brooklyn Half this year!!

Hmmm…that about wraps up my favorites for the week. I’m very impressed I didn’t write a Friday Hate List but I’m trying to put out all the good energy…hopefully that hippie magic works πŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid….kinda.

Today we’re also gonna holla at ALG, Uninterrupted for her Fitness Friday Link up!
Fitness Friday

This week I have rocked at the drinking of water. On a related note my body was thank you baby Jesus. I also have attended three bar method classes this week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!! I have one set for tomorrow morning too! That will be 4 workouts this week. At the end of the day, you really need to prioritize your fitness and health. That is easier said than done. One of those days I had to leave work early to ensure I would go to class. This isn’t an every week kind of thing but for me when you’re getting back to it, stuff like that is mandatory.

Next week, it will be water, workouts, and tracking. I effing hate tracking but it will give me an idea of where I’m effing up.

It’s the Summer of Sexy, kids. Let’s all bring it!!!

Have a kick ass weekend! Get your fit on and don’t have too much fun!! Let me know what you old ladies got going on!



A little barre love and some ranting


Alright kiddies, let me break it down. If you are taking the BART train (like the BAY AREA SUBWAY) during commuter hours these are the escalator rules! Apparently people can only be socialized in the wrong ways and not the right ones like following the commuter guidelines. The right side of the escalator should be boarded single file when going up. If you stand on the right side of your moving step you are enjoying your coffee, leisurely waiting for the escalator to get you to the top. If you board the left side of the escalator it means “BAM, GET OUT MY WAY!” like Ludicrious. You are late, about to be late, about to miss another train. You don’t have time to leisurely drink the coffee you need to run up the escalator. Simple, right?

Apparently not. Dude, if you have a friend it’s not complicated. Merely stand on the right side SINGLE FILE and talk to your friend that way. DO NOT CROWD THE ENTIRE ESCALATOR STEP! IT IS COMMUTER TIME! I want to shake these people and say look at everyone else??? Also even if you don’t have a friend – why are you STANDING to the left??? Didn’t you see all the people in front of you frantically walk up the escalator?? Sigh, I just don’t understand Interwebbies. I just don’t.

This message was brought to you by un-caffeinated commuting little brown girls and Luda.

Sorry that was clearly the R rated version but I trusted you all to click it off if you were horribly offended by Luda. It just expressed my angry commuter rage.

I am drinking my Starbucks coffee and feeling much more pleasant now. The latte strike is going well. I need to think of Mexico and how sexy I want to be. Like Prince, Get Off sexy! That’s a Prince song for all you non-fans. There isn’t a video. I checked because my blog is pretty much 50% musica from the 80s & 90s.

Pretty much me and my feelings about Prince.

Anyways, I have another bar method class tonight. Woo Woo!!! My water consumption is getting back to where it needs to be – holla. Well, NYC pretty much placed my water consumption as “beer has water in it right? That counts.” True story. Speaking of health and water, we did this wicked fold over exercise with a mini mat bent behind our raised leg. TERRIBLE AND IMPOSSIBLE. I mean like I wasn’t even doing it fully correctly because my mini mat kept falling out and it still kicked my ass.

So where that ball is (see above) is where we had a bent little mat that you were supposed to keep in place while raising or pulling your leg inwards.HORRIBLE!! But that’s why this ish hella changes your body…I mean..you just have to actually go to class πŸ˜‰

I also bought these awesome barre socks online from Pointe Studio because they had a FABU sale and I basically got four pairs for $30 dollars. HOLLA! I have no idea why barre socks are so expensive but they are. Anyways, I love these little socks…I actually slip less in bar method and they’re so cute. Β Of course, now I am addicted and want MORE!!!! I think another pair is in order so I can at least make it to laundry day πŸ˜‰





I’m also on the look out for Summer and Fall races I need to get some more ish on my calendar. Especially since the only race I had scheduled, I’m missing due to vacation. Sad face. I was pretty damn excited for that half but trust, Mexico is far more exciting!!! Next week, I’m bringing healthy eating back. This week is JUST workouts and water or my head will explode.

This chica’s gotta do some advising so I will catch you all on the flip side. I want to do Friday Favorites with Amanda but I kinda hate everything so we’ll see. Have a great day, peeps!


Bobby & Whitney Forever


Nothing to make you feel like it’s gonna be a bomba Wednesday like a little old Bobby Brown topped off with Confessions! Holla for the Vodka & Soda crew..ok link-up but didn’t that sound so much better?

Vodka and Soda

Let’s bust a move and check out my confessions for this week. Go ahead continue your own personal humping around dance party while enjoying these ones.

1. College Adviser confession. I hate AP (Advanced Placement) credit. Students think it’s gold and really it just prepares you to not fall on your ass. Seriously, you still need to take most courses and SHOCKER medical schools don’t take it! C’mon, people! I swear the frosh are like freakin’ little Rumplestitskins with their AP credit. Then they lose their goddamn minds when I have to say Nope, sorry, we don’t take it. Or they cry. I mean I’ll still throw some general education units your way but you need to take calculus. Here’s a tissue.

2. I bought some aveda shampoo (travel size) for my trip and now I am addicted. That ish is soooo wonderful but I think the large size was like $30.00. I don’t want to look it up since I am considering shelling out the cash. God damn, why can’t advising crazy freshman be more profitable!!!


3. Angela Bassett will be directing a Lifetime movie about Whitney and Bobby’s relationship and I’m not ashamed to full on admit I will be watching it and am soooo looking forward to it! Do you have a favorite Whitney. I loved when she rocked the giant 80’s early 90’s side bow. Since my blog cannot highlight any current music, here’s my favorite Whitney jam. PS Doesn’t it seem perfect that it’s going to be a Lifetime movie?? Or is that just me?

4. I’m watching HBO’s Carnivale and it is beyond creepy but also super intriguing. Plus the little man from Twin Peaks is in it!!! Ultimate crazy! However he is not speaking backwards in spooky gibberish.

5. This feels like the oldest lady confessions ever. I have played a Bobby & Whitney jam and just referenced Twin Peaks. The frosh are gonna walk all over me next week. I just might as well get a cane and be ready to shake a tea cup at them. A tea spiked with a little something something of course but that’s beside the point. I kid! I would never drink on the job only after the job πŸ˜‰

6. Coconut water is delicous and I really want to buy a case online…ya know since I’m trying to drink water and this is getting closer.

Well this old lady has to tackle her day but I hope you all have a kick ass hump day!!!! Keep me posted on all your hump shenangins and everything else.



I generally live a life that is held together by tape, popsicle sticks, and elmer’s glue. Right before Brooklyn, I fell into some of my old terrible habits pretty hard. It’s just time to pull it together and try to move forward….after an entire weekend of slacking. I can’t lie. Welcome to The Den of Slack!!! That’s where I was residing and it was wonderful except for the part where my casita looks like I live with the Rat King.

Once again here I am blogging about ways to pull it together. I’m starting to think being a grown-up is a series of peaks and valleys of one having their ish together only to have it crumble and start over again. Maybe the real grown-ups are the ones just always starting over…but without complaint or blogging lists? I’m not sure…I’m fairly certain I’m not one of those people. I’m the one trying to do while being only slightly drunk.

I’m more of a Bridget Jones person. With that in mind, here are my little goals for the week and some things I will be attempting to improve on after that. Time to take off these bathing suit bottoms I’ve been prancing around in and put on my big girl panties…yes, the ones with extra tummy support because that is what my tubby tummy needs.


WEEK ONE (this week!) Keeping it simple with two LIFE goals & two work goals.
3) RESET MY OFFICE PHONE WITH THE CORRECT MESSAGE (this sounds easy but involves working with crappy shared campus services and making new passwords and to be honest I hate getting voicemails….please send me an email).
4) FINISHING MY LAST 50 PETITIONS OF SPRING!!! I have no idea when I will get this done but it NEEDS to be done.

Strategies I’ve put in place to ensure success:
1) Signed up for 4 bar method classes
2) Placed water cups all around me, bought some coconut water, drinking water as I type this
3) I read this article for work about getting ish done!!! It had some good tips!

Welcome to June – Getting Back on The Grown-Up Train!!

This is where said blogger inserts inspirational quotes and e-cards on getting your ish together.


Time to drink some more of my water, do some work, and try to stay motivated for Bar Method tonight. BLARGHH!!!

Send me some suedo Monday motivation on Tuesday! Or at least your best grown up tips!!!


Couchies and Munchies



I just felt like a little No Doubt to take me back to my easy breezy high school days. Look at Gwen with those chola eyebrows….tehe…that is why I do my own eyebrows, ladies. Too many times those fabulous waxing ladies gave me those tiny little brows. And I was like NOOO!!!

Speaking of NOOO!!! for all my Wednesday Weigh In folks I faced that bastard the scale this morning.

Yep, that was pretty much my expression. Keep in mind, I’m at a healthy weight. My doctor would say I’m keeping 33 nice and healthy. But she wouldn’t say smoking hot and that’s what I would like for Mexico which is my big girl Christmas. Instead of stockings by the chimney it will be margaritas by the beach. Anyways, ideally if I can knock off these 6.3 lbs by August I will be happy. Now some of you will be – psheeh that’s nothing. Hello…I am barely 5’feet tall which means that’s like you normal sized peoples 15 lbs. One of the many down sides of being miniature. However my tone from running and when I was going to barre is still there so my little shape is better than when I started in January.

Yes, I would like to look like this at the beach. Love her little flat tummy. My New York beerfest made me a little roly…. This week was kinda a wash except I did bring back veggies and water. I should include her name but I cannot remember it but she was one of the dancers from Dancing With The Stars in the first few seasons. Sheryl something, I think. Is she still on? She’s so cute.

Let’s do some Friday Favorites with Amanda!!!
Friday Favorites

* FRIED SPRING ROLLS…..So delicious…especially when they are a make-up peace offering!!! Pretty much delicious food of any kind is a FAVORITE!!!

* SLEEPING IN!! I am looking forward to some of this!!! Ok, maybe minus the snacking…I am feeling George though!

bed bjonesbed

I will be enjoying some brunch here manana!!! Can we say hooray for bottomless mimosas until 3pm! Yes, please!

*FUJI APPLES – These are one of my favorite snacks!! So crisp and delicious!!

*OLD SEXY AND THE CITY EPISODES – These are just a little pick me up when I need to get ready, fold laundry, etc


Alright kiddies, I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a three day weekend over here in the States, holla!!! I am looking forward to my slacker Monday! Let me know what you’ve got planned, any tips to end my slackerdom, or bring back my fitness??? Send help!!



In my day dreams I’m the Dowanger Countess…. but there’s delicious food

Thoughts for Thursday….inspired by Wednesday night fried spring rolls

1) Ugh, I hate working. I would really just like to be a lady of leisure…Downton Abbey styles. Instead, I’m just a regular little worker bee. Also where is my panic about the frosh and orientation? I need to have my Spring freak out so I can plow through all this work. My freak out has yet to show up and instead I’m still tripping in vacay slacker mode…la de dah…send help!

2) I hate it when my boyfriend and I fight about imaginary money and budgets we don’t have!!! I would say it’s the dumbest thing in the world but it does result in fried spring rolls so it was kinda a win. Having to be fiscally responsible in your thirties is the pits! BLARGH!!! Once all this Mexico Vacay is over – I’m gonna focus on finances. Hopefully I will be super Mexico fit & hot by that time so it will make it easier to focus on said responsibilities.

3) I need to start a Summer Bar list. There’s a bunch of new and some old places I haven’t been to and Summer is the perfect time for checking them out. It’s a major to-do. I think I’ll need to incorporate pinterest. Holla!

4) I hate when I break down and eat Mexican because my bf texts that he will need to work and be busy for most of the three day weekend. I’m sad and ate my feelings…Can someone please do a post on not eating your feelings!!! I need to start to hydrate away my feelings – wait strike that – hydrating away my feelings with water. I finally tried those nuun hydration tablets all the running bloggers post about at the New Balance Expo and that ish is pretty good. Maybe I will order some of the energy ones instead of drinking afternoon coffee. Thoughts? PS – I actually linked the image to their website…look at me πŸ™‚

I need to break up with this vacay mode…it’s now 1:23pm and still no breakdown or freak out.


Alright interwebbies send me your Thursday love and some motivation tips you use to tackle your work. Strategies for slacker lbgs??? HELP PLEASE!



BACK BUT NOT REALLY..PS Confessions! PPS Weigh In Wednesday…for slackers


It’s time for WEDNESDAY CONFESSIONS with the lovely Kathy of VODKA & SODA!

Click the button and join in all the shenanigans.

Vodka and Soda

1) AIRPLANE MOTHER-EFFING COURTESY!!! Dude! When someone is getting up to go to the bathroom, the proper response is to get up out of your seat and move into the aisle. Allowing the individual to get out of their extremely tiny seat and make their way to the bathroom. DO NOT MAKE THEM CLIMB OVER YOU!!! No matter how tiny they are!!! Seriously, if you participate in this lazy and disrespectful behavior my booty will be in your face and I will purposefully step on your feet. Get up and move into the aisle!!! Yes, this happened on my plane ride home. I’ve never had this happen and was literally flabbergasted. Get your ish together, people!


2) I hate when people get crazy at races….I mean I know you probably worked very hard to PR but nobody here is going to the Olympics. Also FYI we’re in wave 2 so you’re not SUPER fast either….soooo is it really necessary to push or be rude? I’m not standing in the way of you getting on a Wheaties box so c’mon let’s have a good time and save your jerk face-ness for those plane a-holes.



3) I may have gotten drunk…slightly…at the airport when my plane was delayed by 2 hours…. You plan to get on the plane and promptly pass out when all of a sudden an announcement is telling you that your plane will not be departing. The smart people of Virgin bring out a cart full of goodies (for free) to appease the masses. You may consider another drink and begin to text drunken nonsense which you forget until your wonderful friends remind you. Thank goodness they let me on the plane.


4) I’m not sure what’s so great about Dunkin Donuts. I’d rather have a Starbucks. Sorry East Coast – I’m just not feeling it.

5) I’m finally all caught up with Mindy and I just want to keep yelling “I hate you Bradley Cooper!” again and again πŸ™‚


6) Grey’s….Dancing it out, brought tears to this old lady’s eyes. There is no Grey’s without Cristina and Mere… It’s time to put this baby to rest…I’m talking to you MRS SHONDA RHIMES.

Seriously, I feel so much better after my Wednesday confessions. It’s like the crazy is leaving my body. You have to keep your crazy to a minimum. As the 90’s taught us – you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Keep your crazy on the down low. Speaking of crazy, let’s jump to some Weigh In Lurve or Hate…yeah, it’s hate.


Weigh In Wednesday

There was all kinds of delicious pizza in NYC & New Jersey…did I mention the beer. I’m trying to get a little detox in so this booty will not be scale bound until Friday…when I will face my ultimate frenemy the scale.

Today, I have been super healthy. I drank water not beer – winning! (sorry for over-using this image but I LOVE IT!!)



I also had a salmon salad for lunch!!! So far so good…I’m trying to limit the carbs. I also have a bar method class tonight and signed up for a bunch for this week and next. Mexico is like 90 days away and I want to be bikini naked and looking my best! Like helllooo 33…you are one fine lookin’ lady.

I anticipate the stress of May and vacation have set me back but it was worth every greasy, beer, laden calorie!!!

Last confession, my brain is still on vacation mode and I really hope I will be able to kick ass tomorrow. Today, I am still on turtle speed just strolling along completely non-phased that May is almost over. I’m waiting for my freak out to kick in…maybe tomorrow? Fingers crossed because the work is just piling up. Instead I am taking an inordinate amount of coffee and water breaks to check in with my colleagues…slacking masked as networking. I’m building social capital…wink, wink.

Hmmm… I need more coffee. Have a lovely Wednesday, peeps!!! Hope your week is going well or that you’re at least successfully masking your slacking.