WELCOME TO WHAT THE EFF FRIDAY…because that’s how we do it over here!



Working out your favorite little Mexican blogger is on point….ummm I mean me by the way. Monday, Tuesday, Friday morning – yeah this morning! I hit up barre and made my ass a little finer. I have a 10.5 miler scheduled for manana. I didn’t do a short run because of the whole allergy fiasco. Anyways, definitely a 4 star week for bringing the sexy workouts back.

My eating has been a whole other story or really a whole other bag of chips. I eat one healthy meal and ruin it with two unhealthy meals. BLARGHHHH. Maybe next week will be my week? I blame Mindy, she makes me feel better about hesitating about wanting that bear claw that I dropped. Actually it’s bagels. Mmmm bread in a circle = weakness. Seriously, think about it. Bagels, donuts, those old fashioned cakes with the whole in the middle…all DELICIOUS. I do have some kale that’s about to wilt in my fridge so tomorrow I’m gonna try and juice it. More on that adventure that may turn into nastiness some time this weekend.


Meet At The Barre

1. GPA calculations. Love them! Super nerd alert. I’m all about calculating what grades are needed to get your booty off probation or what grades you need to hit that 3.5 for grad school. I heart my little grade computation chart.
2. Zyrtec – you are my allergy bestie!!! Hooking me up and preventing me from sneezing on everything and in general allowing me to breathe. Breathing is good. Being able to breathe through your nose, even better. WORD.

3.FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR! Getting together with my poor fellow college advisers to drink at one of our casas. It’s cheaper and the booze goes a LOOOOONNNGGG way. This permits my drunken booty to hop in an uber cab home. SAFETY FIRST, ladies and gentlemen.


Apparently I don’t “FAVORITE” many things. Maybe next week, I will have more robust favorites. I should have favorited BAR METHOD or RUNNING but that’s so effing predictable. Dude, I am so over this week and in absolute shock that it’s MAY!!! How is it May already??? I am unprepared. I leave for NYC in 2 weeks!! I need a black maxi dress and some flip flops for post Brooklyn Half when my feet are all tired and swollen! No idea how those preggo ladies manage.

Right now I am beyond distracted by Friday Happy Hour and am counting down the minutes until I can consume alcohol with friends, be home by 9pm, and watch last night Grey’s! They brought back BURKE!!! EEekkk!!! Sucker for bring peeps back. S-U-C-K-E-R. Shonda Rhimes you know my effing number.

My casita ended up getting pretty tidy this past week and I am aiming to do more this weekend. More cleaning, the dreaded 10.5 miler, and some juicing. Woo woo, old lady alert. But damn that sounds good. I’m sure I will manage some movie watching too with wine. Yep, everything is better with wine. Oh and some NYC planning and online shopping. Do I live it up or what.

Alright, it’s your turn Interwebbies!!! What’s your Friday Favorite, Weekend plans, or little rant??? Holla back, peeps!


9 thoughts on “WHAT THE EFF FRIDAY!

  1. I have my grandfather’s memorial to go to, tomorrow afternoon…then maybe a dinner with my boyfriend and a friend of ours..? (Obviously not positive on that yet.) Of course, we’ll be trying to get as much sun as we can, this weekend, also.

  2. hahahah GPA calcs…. my college past time. i would figure out what i needed to get on a test or exam or paper or whatever in order to hit a certain mark and then only allocate that much brain power to that assignment/test/studying. i consider that “smarter studying”. 🙂

    • And your college advisers appreciate that!! It blows my mind that the kids don’t even know how much their final is worth! As always love ya, Kathy! Hope you’re having a good weekend, mama!

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