Case of the Mondays. Status: Terminal

And it’s Monday so everything crashes down.

I woke up early, grabbed a yummy latte, and was in the office by 7:30am ready to take names and kick some ass. Sadly, the only ass that’s being kicked is mine. No idea why I even attempted to conquer the Monday. I should of just enjoyed the latte and prepared for the stomp-a-thon. Seriously, at about 10:45am I was ready to go to that island that Tom Hanks lived on in castaway because that is how much I’ve been HATING people.

Also I have a presentation tomorrow that I am in no way ready for.
Let’s just top that off with a friend that likes to whine we never get together but is not willing to cross the bridge. Of course, she’ll be in the East Bay this week for work and now is unwilling to wait for me even though she knew I could only get off at 4:30pm that day. WHATEVER! I just want to scream. It’s you and me, Wilson! Just you and me!

Basically my mood is effecting my ability to get all this crazy work done by TODAY! By 5:00pm so that I can get to my bar method class so I don’t kill anyone.

Of course….I dropped half my lunch. Screw it…getting the breakfast burrito. That’s your Monday update, chicas. Hope yours is better than mine


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