FRIDAY!!!! We Made It!!! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that.


We are so very very close to the weekend. I can taste 5 O’clock and it tastes like freedom, beer, that moment in Dazed in Confused where all the paper is being thrown everywhere!!!



It was kinda of one of those craptastic weeks for me but hey I’m still standing so that’s all that matters. I’ve got a coffee in my hand and some bastard brought in amazingly delicious poppy seed bread. I’ve got a half marathon scheduled for tomorrow – EEK!!! Why am I running two halfs back to back???

Whatevs! It’s a stress relief and the Mermaid East Bay is a ladies only run and I LOVE LADIES ONLY RUNS!!! They just seem more fun and less pressure. Plus my sister will be walking the 10k, I hope she does ok. She sent me a fearful text basically saying her training was going to Disneyland for three days. I mean that’s a lot of walking…..right? Regardless it will be exhausting fun and if she’s in that much pain I will buy her a beer.


Cannot wait to get my hands on that shirt!!!! Love race shirts! When I rock them on the weekend I feel accomplished. TRUE STORY. Alright, let’s get to the good stuff. I’m making another attempt at Amanda’s awesome Friday Favorites even though I fail on having favorite things besides coffee (BLUE BOTTLE).




Meet At The Barre

Alright, kids. Buckle up, I’ve got a new jam for you. I call this my processing Change of College Petitions Jam. Keeps me mellow, relaxed, and moving one of my most tedious administrative duties along. I seriously dig it!

My new favorite face moisturizing product from the Whole Foodie! Hello rose face oil!! Not kidding, this old lady has noticed an improvement in the softness of my skin and healing after I pick at zits. Sorry I try not to but it happens. This face oil is amazing. It does however have a strong smell which I like but just a word of caution for people who have sensitive delicate flower little noses.

That this time next week I will be kicking it in BROOKLYN!!! It’s not technically a favorite but I’m shameless.

And the Interwebs just went….



Tequila! Ok, see I completely suck!!! Watch tomorrow I’ll write about how awesome something is and be like GOD DAMN!!! Friday Favorites why can’t I make you happen!!! It’s like my own personal fetch. Anyways, clearly this is not my strongest blogging skill set.



Also FYI  I still love my boyfriend so much that the tv was dominated by the NFL Draft..Johnny Football, who? With a side of NBA Playoffs….sorry Trailblazers. This means not only have I still not seen Mindy but I missed the crack that is my life – GREYS. Maybe you all caught these shows? Drop me a line in the comments if I’m missing out or what? BUT NO SPOILERS 😉

Ummm is it 5 yet? OMG, it Mother’s Day weekend. Not tripping because I shopped for my mama two weeks ago! BOOYAH! But I still need a card. Damn. What do you crazy kids have going on? Or what do your crazy familias have planned for you? Hopefully there’s a mimosa because I’m pretty sure all moms love mimosas. DAMN, see that should of been a favorite! Amanda, is so gonna kick me off this link-up. Can people do that? Just like say Nah, you’re not link up material?


I really hope not because that would make me cry sad bastard interweb tears. Tonight I need to get all my gear today for the Mermaid Run and after this coffee start hydrating with some actual water. Let’s take this blog post out with a little Friday Dance Party. No one’s in my oficina so one quick drop it like it’s hot. WARNING there is a lame a commercial at the beginning. Use that time to draw your shades 😉


6 thoughts on “5 ON FRIDAY FAVORITES!

  1. Good luck tomorrow! That T-shirt is quite cute! Maybe I should take up running to get cute T-shirts 🙂 I love face oil…though I make my own. I use a rose water hyrosol before putting it on and I use to just spray it on then apply the oil. But, I read a suggestion if you mix the two in your hand that the oil soaks in better…I’ve been doing it that way and it seems to work well.

  2. I mean you used a Mean Girls gifs so hell no you will never be kicked off 😉 I’m not going to lie I was secretly pumped for the draft! Poor Johnny he went so far down but I hope he does well! Thanks for linking up girl! xoxo

    • And I bet your man completely loves that you were psyched. I mean two picks in I was like eh…but I appreciate that it’s super riveting to all the hard core fans. Thanks for not kicking me out of your awesome link….Whew!!!

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