I’m no Disney Princess – DJ special request Monday

Monday morning kicked off with birds tweeting and chattering at about 5:00am outside my window. I really tried to invoke my inner Snow White (or is that Cinderella?) but seriously all I wanted was a bebe gun to shoo those birdies off that tree. Sleep people, I need sleep. Obviously the only thing I was able to invoke was my inner sleeping beauty.

We’re scheduled to hit a glorious 82′ degrees today which meant I threw on a lovely little turquoise & black polka dot sweetheart dress to properly mark the occasion. I finally grabbed some flip flops from Target – Hooraz! Yep, rocking those too. I’m all about this warm weather. Summer is my absolute favorite season. Watermelon, long hot nights, BBQ, and vacations. Trust, I could go on and on.

Speaking of vacation, I leave August 15th!!!! I was beyond excited last week when the Boy snagged our tickets and made it official. He sent me a quick email since he moved the dates up for a better ticket price. I shot off an email agreeing and thinking nothing of it. Nothing like realizing you’re gonna miss the August 16th half marathon I already paid for….booo!!! And damn, I’m out 60 bucks. I’m going to see if there’s any refunds or if I can switch my registration with someone. It definitely sucks a little bit. On the upside, I have a vacation count down!!! We’re going from August 15-21st! The hotels we’re looking at all super chill and beautiful. Once that’s settled I’ll throw some photos down for you peeps to enjoy.

I can’t believe I leave for NYC on Wednesday and have this bad boy to lookd forward too!!!

I can’t wait to get into some NYC trouble. I think I’m gonna buy some tix for the Empire State building but everything besides that and the New Balance Pre Party & Expo is gonna be spontaneous! Unless you all have some MUST -DOS! Oh and of course Brooklyn Brewery! Holla at me with your NYC tips, tricks, and must dos. Keep in mind, I’m (as usual) a broke ass lbg but still throw it out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

During my East Bay Half ย the jams made my run awesome. Today I wanted to toss a little Monday Mix-tape your way kiddies. For your listening pleasure, lbg theme musica. We all need theme music, I’m pretty sure that’s from an Ally McBeal episode but I stand by that. Yes, I’m that old. I loved Ally McBeal…related to me going to law school who knows???


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Summer is getting here when I start playing Fresh Prince on repeat.

Lighter Shade Of Brown – Hey DJ

If it makes me want to dance to it, I can run to it.

Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing

Sweeter than Ben & Jerry’s – lyrical genius. Need I say more ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yuna – Rescue

I find this song so inspiring. I’m always bummed when I do a shorter run and don’t get to hear it. If you’re looking for a pick me up – this is YOUR JAM! love, me.

Kanye West – Touch The Sky ft. Lupe Fiasco

Four words – BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. This song makes me feel like I’m this ish. Great for running and bringing the tempo down a bit but making you feel like you’re gonna do this. The video has a little skit in so sorry it’s not the musica all the way through.

Happy Monday, Peeps!


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