Good Vibrations, C’mon C’mon C’mon….to Confessions Hump Day

WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY! Where I work half days and run away to NYC and drink in the most interesting bars in the world…airport bars.

Holla Peeps! It’s time for our Wednesday Link Up Confessions Lurve with Kathy from the fabulouso Vodka & Soda!

Vodka and Soda

1) The Airport Bar is one of the best places to drink. People are usually friendly, willing to buy you a drink with no expectations, and share crazy inappropriate things with you. Not to mention the airport bar people watching is AMAZING! You don’t even have to pretend that hard to be reading! Just sip and observe the pre and post vacay shenanigins. The business trip stress melts away and people really loosen up…it’s fascinating, I tell you.

2) Channing Tatum (who’s name I had to look up) is just the new Marky Mark for the 2010s. Just think about it. Same dirty white boy thing working for him. All he’s missing is a funky bunch. Evidence below!!! Just Marky Mark but now in 2014!



Same. 2014 meet 1994. Drops Mic and walks away.

3) I hate buying tiny bottle of things in less than 4 ounces because I refuse to check a bag. It ends up costing me a small fortune but is far safer than a lost bag. I’m also the worst traveler because I come home and continue to use my tiny bottles instead of saving them for my next flight. BLARGH!!!


4) I’m saving to cover the hotel for Mexico Vacay because we wanted to go someplace REALLY nice. But I’m totally bummed because of course my bestie’s husband just emailed us about celebrating her birthday in Santa Cruz and I cannot afford the hotel and a night out – sadness. Not if I stay on budet for August. He’s also planning on going during the weekend of graduation for UC Santa Cruz which makes everything even more expensive! I feel like a bad friend but I haven’t gone on a big vacay in 3 years and being broke isn’t a crime but I still feel terrible saying no.

5) Thank baby Jesus, they are wrapping up Greys. I love it but it’s time. Time to put that baby too rest. We’ve already had a ferry crash, bomb going off in the hospital, plane crash, car crash….I mean we’re dunzo. Nothing from this season – don’t trip no spoilers. I love ya Grey’s but let’s put a bow on it.



6) PERSONAL SPACE. People please understand this!!! Nobody wants you so close in line to them that I can hear you breathing. It’s creepy and unneccessary. Also with regards to running if you’re not fast enough to run ahead of me and keep the pace of at least two full steps ahead – DON’T TRY TO PASS ME! RUN NEXT TO ME! Otherwise I will accidently kick you! C’mon, peeps! Pull it together. Life, line, and running ettiquite.


via etsy

I’m off to NYC and will be having a SFO airport bar cocktail for all of you. Enjoy the rest of the week and I will try to give ya some shout outs until I head back to the real world on Tuesday. I miss the golden years of MTV. Remember Real World San Franciso with Puck, Rachel and Pedro….before it became Real Ho Bags of Random Cities and eventually Jersey Shore.

Love ya peeps!


23 thoughts on “Good Vibrations, C’mon C’mon C’mon….to Confessions Hump Day

  1. my secret to travelling: go to the dollar store and buy those little clear travel containers/bottles and then fill them up with the products you have at home. i use my own shampoo but then use the hotel conditioner. i put my face cream in the travel bottles and i bring individually wrapped facial cleansing cloths (which just look like wet naps) boom boom pow

  2. I am way overdue for a nice vacation, but being broke doesn’t allow for too many vacays. If only traveling was free.

  3. they are really ending greys? really? im not ready. but im ready. im over it, done. but im not ready.
    the plane crash = the most i have ever cried in
    i hate little bottles, i refuse to buy them. haha.
    im sure your friend will understand – vacay is way more important, and you cant help wanting to save!

    • It seems like they’re setting up for Greys to be over. I haven’t done any official google research but that’s the vibe I’m getting. Thanks for the Wednesday lurve!

  4. Hey Monica! OMG Airport bars are THE BEST!! For all the reasons listed above! I looove it and i’m so happy someone else loves it just as much as I do haha! And personal space is key! Being up my rear will not get you to the checkout any faster! lol! Happy Humpday!


  5. I hope they let Greys go. Even though I read somewhere that they have at least two more seasons. TWO MORE SEASONS OF WHAT THOUGH!? Sorry I yelled. The show gets to me.

    I like Marky Mark better than Channing Tatum. I’m pretty sure all the girls my age just disowned me.

  6. hahah I love rando people watching in airports! There truly is no shame there— I have slept off a hangover, while stinking off booze, on a airport floor during a 3 hour layover #YOLO I miss the good ol days of quality MTV programming too πŸ™‚ Now the closest I get is watching Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives.

    • Who hasn’t tried to nap or continue to drink through a hangover at the airport. It’s called your 20s and sometimes a destination wedding in your thirties!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Is this the last season of Greys for real??? I’m with you though…they have been kind of dragging it out for longer than I feel like they should. Love it though πŸ™‚

  8. I have a confession I have never watched (a full episode) of greys. Ever! And Im a tv lover. I just feel like its oooo many seasons to catch up on it makes no sense watching! Also Channing wins hands down!

    • You only need to watch the first 3 seasons – sooo good. Save it for a sick day. I dunno, this old lady rode the Marky Mark train πŸ˜‰ I’m just to tired to jump on Tatum. Thanks for kicking it on the humpty hump!

  9. I hate checking bags, too! I’m always terrified that it’s going to get lost and I’ll have to make due with one pair of underwear my entire trip! hahah

  10. I hate paying the $25 check bag fee! I hate being in the airport…I just want to get to the destination (I’m very impatient) πŸ™‚ Also, I’ve been spoiled after we got to travel with a priority club card (that someone at P’s work got him)…it is so nice to go to the club lounge between flights, it was hard this last trip without it 😦 (the member status expires).

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