Holla Peeps, I am back to the grind and my fabulous little getaway has concluded. I had a super good time kickin’ it with my Jersey Girl (formerly of the SJC) and running around New York with a little Hoboken on the side. Don’t you love when you have girlfriends that you can just sit down with and its as though no time has passed at all? That’s my Jersey Girl. She moved from Cali about 6-7 months ago to move in with her boyfriend and this was our first little reunion.

I will have a do a little bit of a more detailed trip blog post but for now I’m back staring at my emails and desk covered in to-dos! Sigh, vacation is so much better than work. I have to stay my body is appreciating that vacation is over. I don’t think it could take another beer, piece of pizza, or delicious & calorie ridden piece of food. I did have a non-fat vanilla latte this morning but other than that I’ve been pretty good. A sea salt & almond kind bar and my 10am snack was oatmeal. My body is like – ACTUAL NUTRIENTS!!!! WOO HOO!!!


Boy, was it delicious but my body really needs to de-bloat. I know that sentence was all about the sexy. However I did finish my Half Marathon in 2:10!!!! That’s two minutes faster than the Mermaid Run!!! Woo Woo! That felt pretty good and I celebrated with some beers at Coney Island.

I really do NOT want to work right now. Can’t you hide me, Interwebs??? I AM WORTHLESS!!! Today is like my post-vacay Monday….serious case of the Mondays…BLARGH!

What have you all been up too? I have some serious blog reading to catch up on and Confessions w/ Kathy tomorrow! Trust, traveling gives you plenty to confess about!!! Alright, this lbg is gonna try and put on her big girl panties (and not fall over) and accomplish some ish today….even if it’s only a new to-do list. Hope your Tuesday is going better than mine.

Missed ya, kiddies!



  1. I’ve been struggling all week too, and my stomach is killing me after eating so crazy last week. I need like a week to recover ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your little beet comic…very cute! Congrats on your run…that is awesome!

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