BACK BUT NOT REALLY..PS Confessions! PPS Weigh In Wednesday…for slackers


It’s time for WEDNESDAY CONFESSIONS with the lovely Kathy of VODKA & SODA!

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Vodka and Soda

1) AIRPLANE MOTHER-EFFING COURTESY!!! Dude! When someone is getting up to go to the bathroom, the proper response is to get up out of your seat and move into the aisle. Allowing the individual to get out of their extremely tiny seat and make their way to the bathroom. DO NOT MAKE THEM CLIMB OVER YOU!!! No matter how tiny they are!!! Seriously, if you participate in this lazy and disrespectful behavior my booty will be in your face and I will purposefully step on your feet. Get up and move into the aisle!!! Yes, this happened on my plane ride home. I’ve never had this happen and was literally flabbergasted. Get your ish together, people!


2) I hate when people get crazy at races….I mean I know you probably worked very hard to PR but nobody here is going to the Olympics. Also FYI we’re in wave 2 so you’re not SUPER fast either….soooo is it really necessary to push or be rude? I’m not standing in the way of you getting on a Wheaties box so c’mon let’s have a good time and save your jerk face-ness for those plane a-holes.



3) I may have gotten drunk…slightly…at the airport when my plane was delayed by 2 hours…. You plan to get on the plane and promptly pass out when all of a sudden an announcement is telling you that your plane will not be departing. The smart people of Virgin bring out a cart full of goodies (for free) to appease the masses. You may consider another drink and begin to text drunken nonsense which you forget until your wonderful friends remind you. Thank goodness they let me on the plane.


4) I’m not sure what’s so great about Dunkin Donuts. I’d rather have a Starbucks. Sorry East Coast – I’m just not feeling it.

5) I’m finally all caught up with Mindy and I just want to keep yelling “I hate you Bradley Cooper!” again and again πŸ™‚


6) Grey’s….Dancing it out, brought tears to this old lady’s eyes. There is no Grey’s without Cristina and Mere… It’s time to put this baby to rest…I’m talking to you MRS SHONDA RHIMES.

Seriously, I feel so much better after my Wednesday confessions. It’s like the crazy is leaving my body. You have to keep your crazy to a minimum. As the 90’s taught us – you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Keep your crazy on the down low. Speaking of crazy, let’s jump to some Weigh In Lurve or Hate…yeah, it’s hate.


Weigh In Wednesday

There was all kinds of delicious pizza in NYC & New Jersey…did I mention the beer. I’m trying to get a little detox in so this booty will not be scale bound until Friday…when I will face my ultimate frenemy the scale.

Today, I have been super healthy. I drank water not beer – winning! (sorry for over-using this image but I LOVE IT!!)



I also had a salmon salad for lunch!!! So far so good…I’m trying to limit the carbs. I also have a bar method class tonight and signed up for a bunch for this week and next. Mexico is like 90 days away and I want to be bikini naked and looking my best! Like helllooo 33…you are one fine lookin’ lady.

I anticipate the stress of May and vacation have set me back but it was worth every greasy, beer, laden calorie!!!

Last confession, my brain is still on vacation mode and I really hope I will be able to kick ass tomorrow. Today, I am still on turtle speed just strolling along completely non-phased that May is almost over. I’m waiting for my freak out to kick in…maybe tomorrow? Fingers crossed because the work is just piling up. Instead I am taking an inordinate amount of coffee and water breaks to check in with my colleagues…slacking masked as networking. I’m building social capital…wink, wink.

Hmmm… I need more coffee. Have a lovely Wednesday, peeps!!! Hope your week is going well or that you’re at least successfully masking your slacking.


11 thoughts on “BACK BUT NOT REALLY..PS Confessions! PPS Weigh In Wednesday…for slackers

    • Way to work on your drunken text sobriety!!! That’s truly an accomplishment and a relief when you wake up to not have to be like….ummm…yea so disregard that piece of crazy. That was my friend Jack texting πŸ˜‰ Grey’s….I just can’t quit you even though you’re just way too much. But I can’t lie LOVED seeing Burke!

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