In my day dreams I’m the Dowanger Countess…. but there’s delicious food

Thoughts for Thursday….inspired by Wednesday night fried spring rolls

1) Ugh, I hate working. I would really just like to be a lady of leisure…Downton Abbey styles. Instead, I’m just a regular little worker bee. Also where is my panic about the frosh and orientation? I need to have my Spring freak out so I can plow through all this work. My freak out has yet to show up and instead I’m still tripping in vacay slacker mode…la de dah…send help!

2) I hate it when my boyfriend and I fight about imaginary money and budgets we don’t have!!! I would say it’s the dumbest thing in the world but it does result in fried spring rolls so it was kinda a win. Having to be fiscally responsible in your thirties is the pits! BLARGH!!! Once all this Mexico Vacay is over – I’m gonna focus on finances. Hopefully I will be super Mexico fit & hot by that time so it will make it easier to focus on said responsibilities.

3) I need to start a Summer Bar list. There’s a bunch of new and some old places I haven’t been to and Summer is the perfect time for checking them out. It’s a major to-do. I think I’ll need to incorporate pinterest. Holla!

4) I hate when I break down and eat Mexican because my bf texts that he will need to work and be busy for most of the three day weekend. I’m sad and ate my feelings…Can someone please do a post on not eating your feelings!!! I need to start to hydrate away my feelings – wait strike that – hydrating away my feelings with water. I finally tried those nuun hydration tablets all the running bloggers post about at the New Balance Expo and that ish is pretty good. Maybe I will order some of the energy ones instead of drinking afternoon coffee. Thoughts? PS – I actually linked the image to their website…look at me ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to break up with this vacay mode…it’s now 1:23pm and still no breakdown or freak out.


Alright interwebbies send me your Thursday love and some motivation tips you use to tackle your work. Strategies for slacker lbgs??? HELP PLEASE!




6 thoughts on “In my day dreams I’m the Dowanger Countess…. but there’s delicious food

  1. right now my husband and i are going back and forth if we should book an unplanned/unbudgeted vacation to jamaica. we’ve already travelled twice this year and a big family trip in october so can we squeeze this one in? he says yes, i’m iffy but he’s all YOLO!! haha

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