Couchies and Munchies


I just felt like a little No Doubt to take me back to my easy breezy high school days. Look at Gwen with those chola eyebrows….tehe…that is why I do my own eyebrows, ladies. Too many times those fabulous waxing ladies gave me those tiny little brows. And I was like NOOO!!!

Speaking of NOOO!!! for all my Wednesday Weigh In folks I faced that bastard the scale this morning.

Yep, that was pretty much my expression. Keep in mind, I’m at a healthy weight. My doctor would say I’m keeping 33 nice and healthy. But she wouldn’t say smoking hot and that’s what I would like for Mexico which is my big girl Christmas. Instead of stockings by the chimney it will be margaritas by the beach. Anyways, ideally if I can knock off these 6.3 lbs by August I will be happy. Now some of you will be – psheeh that’s nothing. Hello…I am barely 5’feet tall which means that’s like you normal sized peoples 15 lbs. One of the many down sides of being miniature. However my tone from running and when I was going to barre is still there so my little shape is better than when I started in January.

Yes, I would like to look like this at the beach. Love her little flat tummy. My New York beerfest made me a little roly…. This week was kinda a wash except I did bring back veggies and water. I should include her name but I cannot remember it but she was one of the dancers from Dancing With The Stars in the first few seasons. Sheryl something, I think. Is she still on? She’s so cute.

Let’s do some Friday Favorites with Amanda!!!
Friday Favorites

* FRIED SPRING ROLLS…..So delicious…especially when they are a make-up peace offering!!! Pretty much delicious food of any kind is a FAVORITE!!!

* SLEEPING IN!! I am looking forward to some of this!!! Ok, maybe minus the snacking…I am feeling George though!

bed bjonesbed

I will be enjoying some brunch here manana!!! Can we say hooray for bottomless mimosas until 3pm! Yes, please!

*FUJI APPLES – These are one of my favorite snacks!! So crisp and delicious!!

*OLD SEXY AND THE CITY EPISODES – These are just a little pick me up when I need to get ready, fold laundry, etc


Alright kiddies, I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a three day weekend over here in the States, holla!!! I am looking forward to my slacker Monday! Let me know what you’ve got planned, any tips to end my slackerdom, or bring back my fitness??? Send help!!




8 thoughts on “Couchies and Munchies

  1. We have done all veggie based meals this week (except for pizza out one night)…making up from last weeks craziness. I think we are having a very low-key weekend…I’m so excited to have Monday off. I was actually sick yesterday and was upset about not feeling well but also because it was “wasting” a sick day on a week before a break 😉

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