Bobby & Whitney Forever


Nothing to make you feel like it’s gonna be a bomba Wednesday like a little old Bobby Brown topped off with Confessions! Holla for the Vodka & Soda crew..ok link-up but didn’t that sound so much better?

Vodka and Soda

Let’s bust a move and check out my confessions for this week. Go ahead continue your own personal humping around dance party while enjoying these ones.

1. College Adviser confession. I hate AP (Advanced Placement) credit. Students think it’s gold and really it just prepares you to not fall on your ass. Seriously, you still need to take most courses and SHOCKER medical schools don’t take it! C’mon, people! I swear the frosh are like freakin’ little Rumplestitskins with their AP credit. Then they lose their goddamn minds when I have to say Nope, sorry, we don’t take it. Or they cry. I mean I’ll still throw some general education units your way but you need to take calculus. Here’s a tissue.

2. I bought some aveda shampoo (travel size) for my trip and now I am addicted. That ish is soooo wonderful but I think the large size was like $30.00. I don’t want to look it up since I am considering shelling out the cash. God damn, why can’t advising crazy freshman be more profitable!!!


3. Angela Bassett will be directing a Lifetime movie about Whitney and Bobby’s relationship and I’m not ashamed to full on admit I will be watching it and am soooo looking forward to it! Do you have a favorite Whitney. I loved when she rocked the giant 80’s early 90’s side bow. Since my blog cannot highlight any current music, here’s my favorite Whitney jam. PS Doesn’t it seem perfect that it’s going to be a Lifetime movie?? Or is that just me?

4. I’m watching HBO’s Carnivale and it is beyond creepy but also super intriguing. Plus the little man from Twin Peaks is in it!!! Ultimate crazy! However he is not speaking backwards in spooky gibberish.

5. This feels like the oldest lady confessions ever. I have played a Bobby & Whitney jam and just referenced Twin Peaks. The frosh are gonna walk all over me next week. I just might as well get a cane and be ready to shake a tea cup at them. A tea spiked with a little something something of course but that’s beside the point. I kid! I would never drink on the job only after the job πŸ˜‰

6. Coconut water is delicous and I really want to buy a case online…ya know since I’m trying to drink water and this is getting closer.

Well this old lady has to tackle her day but I hope you all have a kick ass hump day!!!! Keep me posted on all your hump shenangins and everything else.


24 thoughts on “Bobby & Whitney Forever

  1. i have never tried aveda because i’m scared of liking expensive shit! i’m not a huge whitney fan but my fave is how will i know? what are the odds! lol.

  2. What brand of coconut water do you like? It is suppose to be so good for you but I find it hard to drink unless it is really cold and has lime or lemon added. I usually add it to smoothies. The Bobby and Whitney thing was such a train wreck…all I could ever think was but she was in “Bodyguard” how did this happen.

    • I like blue monkey or whatever Whole Foods has on sale. Although I like it without the pulp. It’s just so refreshing but I can see how it would be an acquired taste. Oh HELLZ YA – they were a train wreck and Bobby just seemed so bad for her! So sad…OMG love that you referenced Bodguard. I actually thought Kevin Costner’s speech at her eulogy was so sweet and heartfelt. Yes, I watched Whitney’s memorial. Annnnnnndddddd I will always love you πŸ˜‰

  3. So this will probably make you sad but I always get Bobby Brown and James Brown confused….total fail for this southern girl but well, music has never been my thing lol

    • Oh Chica, that does make me sad!!! We are going to have to work on that. I may have to do a whole set of blog posts dedicated to you and covering Bobby’s greatest hits. Thanks for kicking it on this hump day! Well at least you can safely say if someone is rapping/singing about humping – it is Bobby πŸ˜‰

  4. Do you like being a college advisor? I currently teach HS but for the past year have toyed with the idea of going back to school to be an academic advisor or work in student affairs.

    • I actually love it! My office is kind of a hot mess but the one on one contact with my students is great. It’s pretty amazing to work with my frosh! The one bad thing is that it’s busy year round since at my University we participate in Orientation. At other universities Summer is a bit more slow and most folks take some vacation. The upside with teaching is you get Summers off πŸ™‚ I would definitely recommend contacting some College & Major Advisers at your local Universities for informational interviews. TRUST! We love talking to students, people will love to talk with you especially about their own graduate program experiences. Feel free to send me a message if you liked to know more.

  5. Wow … Twin Peaks… I’m jumping up and down because I soo loved that forgotten little gem of freaky TV. I saw Whitney in concert at a small venue on a double date in maybe 1987 or 88 when she was rocking that How Will I know look. She was ah-mazing live. Seriously the voice of all of the angels! So tragic!!!

  6. I’m always buying the fancy shampoos in miniature for trips, and then massively regretting it when I want to spend ALL my money on big bottles when I get home!

    Molls xx

    • Thanks for kicking it, Molls! Seriously those little mini products are dangerous!!! I used to be a shampoo/conditioner addict but in the past few years I have really scaled back and tried to use an ENTIRE bottle. There’s just not enough bathroom space for 5 million half used products…no idea how I managed that in SF where my apartment was mini!!!

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