On Fridays we link up….or you can’t sit with us



I said I wasn’t but how can I resist. Let’s kick it w/ Amanda and her Friday Favorites link up, shall we?
Friday Favorites

1. FAVORITE DRINK OF THE WEEK – COCONUT WATER! Surprise it’s not booze but definitely helping me bring sexy back. Water is so critical to getting healthy it’s just not even funny. Downside, I have to pee all the time! My body is readjusting to this whole hydration with water as opposed to beer thing. Thank you, True Burger for letting me run into your bathroom because I would have not made the walk home from the train. I owe you.



So cute! Not to mention – wayyyyyy less slipping and that little cushion on the back makes my leg feel so much better on the barre. Way less pressure. Hooraz, I love you pointe barre socks πŸ™‚

3.FAVORITE RANDOM OLD VIDEO – MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEAVE ME ALONE. This video is just really effing cool. It’s weird, artsy, and Michael. From the vaults, beattches! Enjoy!


4. FAVORITE FRIDAY CLOTHING ITEM – MY BROOKLYN SHIRT!!! Reliving all the magic of the fact I ran the Brooklyn Half this year!!

Hmmm…that about wraps up my favorites for the week. I’m very impressed I didn’t write a Friday Hate List but I’m trying to put out all the good energy…hopefully that hippie magic works πŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid….kinda.

Today we’re also gonna holla at ALG, Uninterrupted for her Fitness Friday Link up!
Fitness Friday

This week I have rocked at the drinking of water. On a related note my body was thank you baby Jesus. I also have attended three bar method classes this week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!! I have one set for tomorrow morning too! That will be 4 workouts this week. At the end of the day, you really need to prioritize your fitness and health. That is easier said than done. One of those days I had to leave work early to ensure I would go to class. This isn’t an every week kind of thing but for me when you’re getting back to it, stuff like that is mandatory.

Next week, it will be water, workouts, and tracking. I effing hate tracking but it will give me an idea of where I’m effing up.

It’s the Summer of Sexy, kids. Let’s all bring it!!!

Have a kick ass weekend! Get your fit on and don’t have too much fun!! Let me know what you old ladies got going on!



5 thoughts on “On Fridays we link up….or you can’t sit with us

  1. I cracked up about not being able to sit with us hahahhaha oh those socks are so cute!!! Where did you hear about those? Every time I right peeps I’m now going to think of that πŸ˜‰ thanks so much for linking up girl!! xoxoxo

    • I think I was just googling barre socks to see if there were any good deals and I stumbled across Pointe Studio. So of course I friended them on facebook and sure enough an awesome little sale happened! Yep, just think of your followers as little brightly colored peeps reading your blog and doing our barre exercises…haha! Thanks for hosting! PS love the black maxi dress!

  2. Love that Brooklyn Tee!! I have a race this weekend, but I’m slightly upset at the fact of having to get my ass up so early in the morning!…5am? Excuse me? Efffff my life.

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