Hey Interwebbies,
I hope you had a kick ass weekend filled with sleep, fun, and summer time trouble. My weekend was hard but still had some good times. My lovely Mama bear is still pretty down about my Grandma so I’m just trying to support her in the best way I can. In terms of myself, I’m probably back at about 75%- 80%….still a little melancholy with a heavy heart but you know one day at a time.

My sister, Dad, and I hit up the San Jose Giants 5k (them) and 5 miler (me) and it was HELLA fun! A great day for a run and we just caught the heat at the end of the race. I was pleased as punch with my 31 out of 105 for my age range. I did the 5 miler in 48 minutes and some change. HOORAZ!

From my Dad and sister’s corral! Love me some Matt Cain!

I managed another earlier morning run today. It was a little less peaceful as I saw some sketchy characters around the lake. However still super beautiful and it was about 61 when I hit the pavement at 5:06 – crazy! It’s gonna be a HOT one today. I thought I’d grab a couple more shots for you all to enjoy.



I’m hoping to get in at least 4- 5 workouts this week. I did sign up for some barre classes and fingers crossed I go….it’s still a little hard to be around people since I’m feeling anti-social/sad bastardy but I’m trying. At least I still went to my race. Also hoping for another loss this week. Today I’ve kept it clean with a kind, some oatmeal, and plain old joe. No lattes for this girl.


Alright, let’s all go handle Monday. Put on your Big Girl Pants and make this ish happen. Of course, if it doesn’t no worries. Have a cocktail and PLEASE tell me about it 😉




On Fridays We Link Up & wear maxi dresses. WORD.

Friday, beeatches!!!! Finally! I need me some weekend. Weekend to recover, be sad bastard, and get my race on….ya know the usual.

Of course, the lovely Amanda is here to start us off. Seriously, though how is she so fabulous??? I’ll never know just being a little hot mess myself but I’m working on it 😉


1. Coffee!
It’s my bestie and there’s nothing like a strong up of coffee with a splash of Strauss Creamery Organic Milk ( hormone and crazy ish free!) in my favorite coffee mug. I love pottery it’s just so beautiful and eclectic. One of these days me and the boyfriend are going to get some custom plates, bowls, and more mugs for the casita. There’s something about small touches like this that just make a place feel cozy. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap so it may be one mug, plate, bowl at a time.


2. Early Morning Running.
I only managed two early morning runs this week but they were beautiful and for my first week back that was solid. It’s quiet. I can hear the soft rocking of the lake, quacks of the geese, and the soft hum of near to nothing driving in the distance. I never run without musica but the quiet is so enticing that it’s not needed. It’s a great time for me to be alone with my thoughts and the beauty of the city.


3. Maxi dresses. I bought two that would work for Mexico vacay and summer. I have gotten a ton of compliments and they are so comfy. Amanda you have made me a believer!! I will need to post a photo. I need to put a little banner on the photo though because I’m scared of the internet stealing it and using it to sell something freakish and odd.

Friday Love! Alright, let’s keep this pretty day moving with ALG Uninterrupted and her Fitness Friday. Sigh, fitness it’s definitely a love hate thing bebes.

Fitness Friday

I’ve been running and loosely tracking over on my fitness pal. This has been helping a lot and I’m happy to say I’m half a pound down this week. Everything’s still tight (yikes) but hey progress is progress. I’m planning on more workouts next week and just trying to keep with the loose tracking. Shoot me a message if you want a buddy on mfp!

I didn’t manage as many workouts as I hoped. I had a rough day yesterday and I comforted myself with a bagel, pasta, snacks….. Basically bread. But hey still a loss so I’ll take it.

Not sure I’ll hit my goal for Mexico but my Grandma passed away and that 4lb gain will not be easy to take off. As long as I’m feeling good, I know that’s sexy. I’m still gonna do my best and try to make this next 8 weeks count!


alright my lovely interwebbies, I hope you have a kick ass weekend! Sending lots of love.

Just beet it, peeps

The afternoon post where I really just want to sleep and am mindlessly eating to stay awake.
I am exhausted from orientation. Like just want to put my head down anywhere (3rd floor bathroom couch) and pass the eff out. I’m not sleeping well….except for the weekends but only because I can sleep in until 10am without any life interference. I haven’t slept well since the funeral.

I’m feeling like that little dead beet right there. I spent all my expendable energy being excited, helpful, and attentive with my frosh during 11 individual advising appointments. There’s nothing left..I feel like burnt toast and it would be painful to put me over the sink and scrape off all my burnt outted-ness. 

I can go home in two hours…so really the goal is just put on my “Yes, I am deep in work face. Smile. Make it happen.” while really I am here. Hanging out on the interwebbies. Anyone every bought a VS swimsuit? They’re on sale so I was thinking of ordering one as a part of my shopping therapy while being practical for Mexico vacay? Thoughts? Please let me know!!! My eating today has been BAD!!! But delicious so I just focusing on being happy person. I have been running this week so holla NSV (non-scale victories). You know it took me forever to figure out that one, blog world.

I JUST WANT TO BE HOME AND CUDDLED IN MY BED. I’m going to bed at like 8pm today because of all of the above and hopefully dream about vacation, being  sexy, and food.


Alright, add 3 peanut m&m’s to the list. The sugar high is so sweet and gave me the energy to chat up a colleague. I share an office so I can’t really hide away. Since my office mate is a new adviser the training wheels are still on and she is being shadowed by a variety of advisers. Basically a full house.

Ok enough of this. It was after all just a quick Thursday run by blogging. Hope your day is better than mine and you are NOT completely exhausted.


the very tired lbg

The Never Ending Humpty Blog Post lala la lalala (sang in theme musica)


It’s Wednesday in this beatch of a week and I am grateful. Let’s straight do this thing and hop on board with Confessions with my homegirl Kathy from Vodka and Soda. Click her awesome button. You know you want to.

Vodka and Soda

1. I confess that there’s nothing like the Humpty Dance for a quick pick me up!
Enjoy this one, peeps!

2. Confession Dos: This week is straight kicking my ass but I’m making baby steps of progress and finally starting to feel a little normal around my co-workers. However I’m not staying late…don’t care enough…just not there. Not caring… sorry but hashtag not sorry.

3. Interwebbies, I confess I’m still sad about my Grandma…I know it will take time. I woke up this morning and felt like I was sinking in the swamp of sadness…straight up Never Ending Story style. Time to rock my inner Atreau and stay strong.

4. Confessing that I am really hoping for a loss this week because A) I have been trying to eat right instead of not caring and B) There were actual WORKOUTS.

5. This is why I love running in the morning plus the quiet.
It’s so peaceful and I just get that time for myself. Still working on that whole waking up early thing…slow but steady, yo. Another 3.6 miles on the books!!! Making #MexicoVacayFit happen!!! #MexicoFit60

Hope you all are having a magical confession filled hump day!


EARLY MORNING RISER FAIL! And If I dated a TMNT, it wouldn’t be Donatello

Ummm, I set my alarm for Tuesday not Thursday so I woke up at 6:00am. My bad. See so not cut out for this early morning stuff but don’t trip there’s always manana for my next morning workout. Todayy I will either hit up bar method or just do a run after work.

I know Jillian, I know. I am better than all this but hey it’s not like they are canceling mornings. Definitely not Mondays, those bastards. There will still be working out! Also I have a priceless little gem to share with you.

Yesterday, we had a student in our lobby that my co-worker H came to tell me about. He said he was a little creepy, with a staff with a skull mounted on top, and was asking to know if the adviser was attractive. Unfortunately, I pulled that guy from the online queue. EEK! I imagined him more goth like but in reality he was more of a long dirty hair, painted nails, kind of creepy, with said staff. FYI – WHO THE HELL CARRIES A STAFF AROUND??? You are not a TMNT fighting crime. This student was HELLA loud and swore and preceded to try and ask me out to dinner. Complete HOT MESS!

People need to get it together. A) You’re a student, so yes, unprofessional! B) You are carrying a staff??? Why??? C) There’s a skull on it!!


Oh yeah and I spilled coffee down my bag this morning. CLASSY.

Coffee, you are supposed to be my savior in all this and yet you too are letting my down. Seriously, coffee. Pull it together.

In other news, I am obsessed with waiting for my stichfix delivery next week. OBSESSED. Scoring the internet to see what other people have received. None of these peeps though have my steez so we will see. I selected “Edgy” and “Casual Chic” to describe my style (well ideal style). My style now is probably best described as “What’s Clean” and “Yes, that will do.”

Alright my loves, off to make those big higher education bucks.
Have a happy Tuesday!
Besitos, lbg

Monday Running Endorphins, Faking it, and Calling out my students

Dude, it’s Monday. It hasn’t been half bad but it’s still early. Damn, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself, interwebbies.


Yours truly woke up at 4:45am and got herself outta bed to hit the pavement. My knee was a little wonky so it was a slow and steady 3.3 miles. I have to figure out how to get a little map my run app action widget. I also did a 3.5 miler yesterday – Sunday Runday. I need to also go back to bar but in Summer my schedule has been so crazy it’s been hard. However it really works the ole core and arms. You can’t have a sexy vacay without sexy arms. It’s just the way it goes.


I have 9 weeks aka 63 days to get sexy. I have been “LOOSELY” tracking. Hey it’s better than nothing. I’m trying to bring exercise back which I write EVERY DAMN WEEK but hey it’s coming. I think there’s some phrase about breathing ish into reality. Well, I am writing it into reality.

I just did a little presentation for the transfer students. Sigh, degree requirements are so BORING but critical. You just can’t make that shit exciting but it’s the type of knowledge that will save your ass. I also called out a student for sleeping which was awesome. If I’m awake, you’re awake, beattches!!!

I have to table during lunch so I am trying to resolve my lunch dilemma. It’s not fun to eat and table and talking with one’s mouth full is so gross. I should probably just eat before and snack in early afternoon since tabling is throwing off my eating game. BLARGH, I just want to eat at normal times!!! Is that too much to ask? Sigh, the things we do for the bebes.

I did some real cleaning of the bedroom last night. I have also been keeping my kitchen pretty tidy. Emptying and loading the dishwasher every night helps or just packing it because we are in a drought!!! I’m gonna try and do some more cleaning tonight, my bathroom vanity area is a HOT MESS. I also want to try to hit the hay at an old lady hour so I can get my morning fit in. I have been running around my lake with an end date at Starbucks as a little treat. However it’s just a plain cup of joe to keep my calories in check. No idea, how you scheduled early risers manage but I am desperately trying to be one of you!!!


How many early mornings until I can sit with you all? You organized people that can wake up and make all your ish happen. JEALOUS! Then you can tell me all the secrets of being a grown-up! WAHAHAHAAH (that’s my evil laugh).

Alright, chicas! And chicos! I’m off for early lunch and to continue to make Monday happen! Or at least tie with Monday, ya know World Cup style.

lbg, expecting to crash from my early morning at any moment!!!


Weekend Updates from an Old Lady

Today feels like the first day I’ve had off since my Grandma passed away. It’s been quiet and relaxing. Yesterday I got smacked with a migraine around 5:00pm and was out of commission for the night. The Boy brought me some soup and crackers and thankfully I kept that ish down. Feeling nauseous is just about the worst feeling ever! No idea how the preggo ladies manage. Impressive, ladies, impressive.

I was able to sleep in for a bit, brew some coffee, and do some reading in bed. The casita felt so peaceful and the sun came out through the clouds. I showered and wandered through the farmers market for a while. Scored some kale, cauliflower, and nectarines. Treated myself to some brown rice and curry (half veggie, half chicken). It was nice to have the morning and afternoon to myself. I was still feeling slightly out of it this morning so no exercise (bad) but listened to my body (good).

I’m still a little sad bastardy about the house so in an attempt to cheer myself up signed up for the stitchfix thing. I did like doing the style quiz and that you can link to your pinterest style board. I went in there and tidied my board up a bit. I need some help with my work apparel. Plus…. Sigh, plus nothing. Really am sad and am shopping therapeutically which I know is frowned upon but it is what it is. I don’t get my first shipment until July 3rd which is after payday so that is somewhat more grown up.


I changed my board cover to this. Ya know, edgy, stylish, yet casual. I also asked for maxi dresses since those are my new fav.

Tomorrow I MUST run!!!! I will get off my pudgy backside and incorporate some working outage before the weekend escapes me. I also need to clean the bedroom- is UTTER DISASTER!!!!


This post upon re-reading is not very exciting or hilarious. I promise more hilarity…. Well soonish. As soon as something is funny which will be soon. This is my life after all and hilarity At my expense is bound to ensue! Fighting the urge to eat chocolate and at very minimum loosely tracking food and drinking water.

love y Besos,
your old lady, lbg