As If !!! And other reasons you shouldn’t take Math 54

OMG!!! THEY’RE HERE! THEY’RE HERE! Prepare to be exhausted by freshman questions.


Welcome to the vida of a College Adviser, my friends. I imagine the next month will be filled with rants on Orientation and the bebes. These bebes are bright and full of horrible schedules and convinced they are absolutely right. I’m going to triple major, be pre-med, and start doing research this Fall 2014! Ummm, more like you’re going to take too many classes, get your first C ever, and have a mini meltdown. But it’s okay because then they come crawling back to mama and are willing to take my advice for their Spring schedule. Insert Circle of Life song here. Today though they will be full of their 40 units of AP credit arrogance and upset the Seniors enroll first.


I did however get all gussied up to be more of an authority figure today. No jeans or flats and I will even reapply my lipstick after lunch. Today I will be seeing my Computer Science, Biology, and undeclared bebes for small group advising. Tomorrow I will meet with them one on one and do my best to identify the trouble makers. Ahhh, to be 18 again and full of trouble. It feels like a million years ago when I started at college as a Communications (1st major) with my Connie Chung dreams. Yes, I wanted to be a TV news anchor….out of control.

Anyways, we’ll see how the bebes shape up today.

I’m gonna do a 5 mile run today. This will be my first run post Brooklyn Half. Sigh, way too much fun. Sad face, my New York adventure is over. I’m going to sign up for the San Jose Giants 5 mile run on June 28th and the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in San Jose for October 5th. I’m waiting until June 4th for the SJ RNR since on National Running Day they’re offering a 20% off special. Holla! I needed to sign up for some races since I’ll be missing my Oakland half due to vacay! Plus running helps bring sexy back, oh damn I need to track. Hey as long as the tracking gets done that’s all that matters. PS I’m drinking water as I write this.

Ok, I need to go before the freshman find me. They’re just so eager and I really should of had something with expresso….I am not caffeinated enough for all this. EEk!!!

I wanted to add some musica for these little freshman and I stumbled across this Iggy Azalea and I’m not really into this song but apparently the kids are about it. HOWEVER! The video is basically Clueless! Too funny. So here it is. Check it out, you’ll heart it.

Happy Monday, peeps!

4 thoughts on “As If !!! And other reasons you shouldn’t take Math 54

  1. Ah I miss being a college advisor! I want to sign up for RnRSJ but even on the 4th it’s more than I want to pay for a race đŸ˜¦ I will register for rnrsf for next year though since it’s only $65!

  2. I had a great adviser she was like you’re going to drowned yourself if you take all them classes chill out girl its not a race… best advice ever!

    • WORD!!! Your academic journey is not a race. Plus I’d rather see my bebe’s in 3 classes with A’s and B’s than 4 classes with C’s and a B. But hey we live and learn. Sometimes they just need to fall on their own and as long as they get back up that’s ok too. XOXO

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