Losing my mind…confessions from orientation

A tale by the lbg

It’s crazy over here….so much work…so little fun. I am surrounded by paperwork and eager freshman. Most of whom are truly adorable and willing to listen. They are like new little puppies.
Puppies that want to major in Biology, Computer Science, and Media Studies.

I feel like I haven’t got to post at all this week because of these new little pups – BLARGH!!! I missed Kathy’s Confessions on the Hump! I had dismissal review so instead of posting I was busy making recommendations for those students who need to have a little reality check and take some time away from the University.

Yo, you can’t get two semesters of F’s and still expect to kick it.

Love, Me

But I love the Humpty Confessions so here I am with my hella late post. You can mark me down a grade. I understand.

Vodka and Soda

1. Students that have bad schedules. This is my job. I am a professional adviser. I give advice and I am good at it….what’s not to understand. Luckily, I only had one or two student schedules that caused me to look like this. Most of my frosh listen but if you don’t, trust I make note.


2. Working late and eating out have made this a really unsexy week. So Sunday I need to prepare this ish out of it if I’m at all gonna be successful. Orientation is a beast that makes me gain some weight which is so unfortunate because it’s SUMMER!!! You cannot solve a College’s problems with coffee, baked goods, and pizza but sometimes it feels that way.


3. It’s 2014 and 90% of the petitions, etc is done with paper. This makes me so angry. It’s not 1965 or even 1999 (when I was in College) there is NO REASON FOR SO MUCH PAPER! Plus, guess what???? Paper gets lost and then I get in trouble. I’M SORRY IT’S PAPER I FORGOT TO MAKE A COPY AND I PUT THE ORIGINAL IN CAMPUS MAIL. Campus mail which is basically linked to eff’ing Hogwarts Room of Requirement. I have no idea where shizz ends up. IT’S 2014!! UNIVERSITY GET IT TOGETHER!! Or give me 1000 bucks so I can just make a Computer Science major do this! It’s not that hard to put shit online. End Rant.


4. I fantasize about three day weekends where I can sleep in, clean my house, get all my laundry done, and work out. I’m so effing old. Seriously though having a kick ass apartment I love and being able to order delicious take out with my boyfriend is one of my most favorite things. Being an old lady works for me. Most of the time…except when I want to eat an entire pizza because in your thirties that gives you a food baby. In my twenties, I’d have a beer, put on a bikini, and head out. You 20 something bastards! Enjoy it thought because I did, holla.


5. I ate vanilla granola with greek yogurt in bed last night and watched Carnival on HBO GO. I’m not ashamed. I’m hella hella tired and I feel like that it a better dessert than chocolate cake.


6. I signed up for two races that are not in my budget but I needed a pick me up and it was National Running Day. Poor financial choices. SUCK IT MONEY!!! Plus I needed the motivation and I am realizing Mon/Wed Bar is unsustainable since Orientation has me getting home between 6-7pm on those days. Well, maybe just Mondays….Wednesday might get better but I have gone to zero bar classes this week!!! SAD FACE!

Thanks for listening to my crazy. Anyone that’s still out there….following this hot mess of a blog. I heart you, interwebbies. This one’s for you.


4 thoughts on “Losing my mind…confessions from orientation

  1. Hang in there 🙂 (when I write this I always see that poster with the cat hanging on) 🙂 Well, yogurt is better for you than chocolate cake! I hate when things at work are so far behind the times…it makes me crazy. Our accounting system is DOS based…no joke…I most likely would not have accepted my job if I had know that. I had to learn to use DOS, how crazy is that…though I actually rarely have to use it so it worked out. When I worked for advising, we use to have to kick unqualified students out of class on the first day…so they could sign up for the class if they didn’t have the GPA or pre-requisite (the computer did not block them) and we would have to go to classes with letters saying you can’t be in this class visit the advising office…totally insane.

  2. Three day weekends are the best but I always feel a bit off when I have the next week’s deadlines looming sooner rather than later…

  3. work is kicking my butt too; so much so that i look that i look at all the blog comments i have to respond to and it’s like, nope and i walk away. i can’t even deal right now because everyone is all up my ass at work 😦

    hope things calm down for you soon!

  4. I feel yah on the paper, I work at a loan office and the amount of paperwork is freaking ridiculous. oh you’d like to buy a home please give me your elementary report card, your positive pregnancy results from 99, that recipe in your junk drawer, tax work, and all rights to your first child. Seriously shit is whack!

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