Dropping off the face of the planet…and back again

Dearest Interwebbies,

I didn’t abandon you but my beloved Grandma R passed away on Monday. It’s been a blur since and I have been taking care of arrangements. Below is a half written post from when I got the call. I figured I might as well post it since…well it’s written.

There’s not much to say except that besides having your heart broken when someone passes away, it’s very expensive to die, it takes a lot of planning and organizing, and you will be exhausted. Someone needs to set up and make ish happen and that is me. I’m glad to do it because my Grandma was amazing and my mom took great care of her in the end. Anyways, I’m toasty…and finally showed back up to work today. Services will be on Tuesday…being an old lady sucks…calling people to be pallbearers sucks. Pretty much just charging ish and will worry about it later. SIGH….that is the story interwebbies.

I will try and be back soon. Don’t forget about me…you know Breakfast Club style. I will try and read and comment. I have been reading but far too sad bastardy to comment.



To say last week kicked me in the face and attempted a curb stomp would be accurate. I missed you very much, Interwebs. It’s probably best to make this catch up post list style so we cover all the ground. Yep, the dirty dirty ground….that I just crawled out of because you can stop me. You can force me to drink my sorrows away but after that unstoppable..kinda.

1. Orientation meant I worked crazy hours and did ZERO workouts.

2. Orientation is crazy which means that the remaining Spring Semester projects I had remaining….are still remaining.

Sure, sure, some minimal progress was made but even with the extra hours I was able to close Spring….god damn it. Hashtag not enough coffee in the world.

3. So to catch up: Work is killing me and I’m not getting sexy just chubby like a checker. Of course, my Grandma R’s health has been rapidly declining and now hospice will be coming today.

4. Emotionally drained is an understatement….I’m gonna put in some extra long hours today in attempt to close one project. I let my mini Boss man know about my poor little Grandma and that I may be unexpectedly out (ie when it gets closer) plus for the obvious services….IT SUCKS!!!! I love my little Grandma so much and she’s had 95 amazing years here with us. I don’t want her to suffer and I know she’s ready but it’s still so hard….hard to think about, concenr





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