Fake it ’till you make it and other lies we tell ourselves….ya know just another upbeat post by the lbg

Today I returned to work. I am no longer my Mother’s personal assistant and funeral coordinator. I would actually rather be at home eating ice cream in bed being sad. However I had to use all my sad sack time to make arrangements and support my Mom. She’s awesome (my mom) and I’m glad I was there for her but now I’m sad and today I will probably not accomplish much other than pretending to be ok. I miss my Grandma. She was crazy and out of control but she was ours and I’m just really going to miss her. I know I’m a spoiled jerk face. Who get’s to have a Grandma for 33 years??? I mean that’s kick ass right there. Anyways, I’m going to attempt to get back to my little crappy corner of the interwebs. So a day late and with one less Grandma, let’s kick it with Kathy & Wednesday’s Confessions.

Vodka and Soda

Dude. Her button is sweet. Alright, let’s get to confessing.

1) I believe you should get berevement (for funeral planning and said service) but there really should be an additional 3 sad sack days for being depressed/mourning/shopping in whatever fashions suits you before you have to return to the world of the living. I am an f’ing zombie right now but I think the RiRi Woo lipstick helps make me seem more alive. Not full of sad bastardnesss.



2) I ran this morning. I woke up at 5am and went for a little 3.5 miler. This is the most I’ve ran since the Brooklyn half and my life went straight HOT MESS EXPRESS! FULL SPEED! It was really nice and peaceful around my lake. I didn’t even rock my jams just took it all in. I ran around the lake and detoured with a finish line at Starbucks for just a regular cup of joe. I walked home from there and I think that helped a little. Not picture from this morning clearly but just wanted you interwebbies to be jealous of gorgeous Lake Merritt.



3) I’m breaking up with the food portion of mourning. People brought mi familia so many baked goods and pasta dishes. No one wanted to cook so when we weren’t eating that of course we ended up getting everything as take out or fast food. BLARGH! I’m gonna get on the scale tomorrow and just by how everything is tight I know it won’t be pretty. I had a yummy chicken salad last night for dinner that the Boy made and my body rejoiced. Veggies, Hooraz!!!! I came into the office late just so I could stop at the Whole Foodie and make a salad for lunch. Seriously, Whole Foods, friggin’ open at 7:30 or 7:00am like normal grocery stores!!! An 8:00am opening time does not work for all us office zombies!!


4)I confess I love using Mindy Kaling for all blog images. She cracks me up. Or Grey’s. I like what I like, beatches.



5) Funerals are expensive. I bought a ton of stuff for my Mom’s casita since we had people over. I took my Mom and Sister out for pedicures one day as just a little stress/crying relief. Of course, I had to buy a black dress….which was beyond depressing. Plus I may have done some theraputic shopping. Looking at the credit card will not be pretty my friends. Not pretty at all.




6)I’m feeling full on HOT MESSY. But at least I ran. I can say I did one good thing today. I’m gonna try and get another 3 workouts in this week. Basically a work out a day – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I want to try and run in the morning all week next week…I think it might help me get back to normal and not so so sad.
I certainly don’t feel that way but ya know fake it till ya make it.



7) I am not proof reading this post so hopefully it’s not too cray plus I have a student appointment so I need to get my happy adviser face on. Hope you all are having a kick ass week. Your blogs have been making me smile even though I’m too sad bastardy to comment.

Besos Interwebbies,

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