On Fridays we link up and sit with Sexy Rexy

I totally forgot I had some fruit (a plum) in a ziplock in my work bag and it got crushed and leaked juice everywhere. SAD FACE. Just another day aboard the hot mess express. Apparently I felt the need to share that with you, Interwebbies. I will attempt to be more clever and interesting in a second. I’m so relieved it’s Friday and I don’t need to work tomorrow with my fake happy face and I can just be medium sad at home. Ok, but enough of this sad bastardness and onto some Friday fun w/ Amanda.
Friday Favorites


Right now I’m all about cutting up some lemon squeezing it and dropping the entire wedge into my camelbak water bottle. Tasty, cheap, and delicious. Kinda like yours truly. It’s just the right bit of lemony and it’s natural so double hooraz. Just a little pick me up and helps me to stay hydrated which is always an issue. Sigh, I wish beer was less calories and more actual hydration.

I just got two of these pyrex bowls from Target! Perfect for salads for lunch! The image links to Target but at my store they were actually marked down to $4.00 not like the $5.00 on the website. I bought two and felt very happy! We’re slowly trying to get rid of our plastic and take it back old school with glass and ceramic. Ya know, to prevent the cancers.



Well hella old spoiler. I just got to season 5. THEY KILLED WILL GARNER, YOU BITCHES!!!!! Way to straight up Games of Thrones that ish! I did not see that coming. Adios Will. You will still always be the boyfriend in “Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.” Holla!

I think that’s it for Friday Favorites….I think that was pretty good considering things over here have been less than. Although I have a post on natural deodorant but that’s for another day and it’s not really a favorite type situation. I’m sure that piqued your interest right there…. Nothing but straight old lady sexiness.


Fitness Friday

I got on my frenemy the other day….you know, the scale.

Let me just say this returning from NYC on my beer & pizza binge plus mourning equals some poundage. Sigh. Listen, I’m still in good shape. I’m not unsightly and most people would be like hey, for a 32 year old – you’re not bad looking, lbg. Thanks. However I wanted to be all sexy rexy (yes, I referenced Empire Records) for Mexico. I’m basically 8 lbs away from where I’d like to be….at this point I’d settle for 5lbs. Now before you forget – I AM BARELY 5’0 TALL!!! Which means a little goes a long way. Especially since the 8lbs is all in my tummy!!! Why!!

I’m going to do another 3- 5 miler after work. I’m drinking water so hopefully by August 15th – I can work some magic. I want to rock my bikini with pride!!! Sigh, so shallow but it’s been awhile since I had a vacay. Anyways, if I can get serious about working out. I feel like things will come together. I just gotta say some Jillian Michaels prayers and make this ish happen.

I hope this hot mess of a post makes sense. I’m not feeling re-reading it. I’m still a little sad zombie lbg but I’m drinking the lemon water and will work out. Hopefully you all have some fun weekend plans, let me know I’d love to hear them!!! Or maybe some little pick me up suggestions? Anyways…I think musica always helps so here’s a jam to get your Friday going.

Trust me, this is the RUNNING JAM!!!
Besos to my Interwebbies!


5 thoughts on “On Fridays we link up and sit with Sexy Rexy

  1. I personally think the world would be a better place if beer and/or wine didn’t dehydrate you or have empty cals! I’m finally back on the healthy eating wagon (sans wine) with MyFitnessPal and the amount of cals I’m allowed per day to reach my goal has me tearing up a little. I’m going to die.

    • Oh, I really need to get back on the mfp. I may have to friend you to get some heathy eating examples. Did you know 5 saltines is like 60 calories! Jesus! When I’m sick I eat an entire little roll!! MFP is such a downer… Necessary evil I suppose for sexy Mexico vacay. Xoxo

  2. we ditched our plastic bullshit and went straight to glass. i see people microwaving their food in FAST FOOD CONTAINERS and all i can think about is “YOU’RE EATING CANCER! YOU’RE EATING CANCER! STOP THAT NOW!!”.

    • Omg!!! Kathy you crack my ass up! The only thing better would be if you yelled “STOP THAT YOU’RE EATING CANCER!” and smacked said container straight from their hands onto floor. This has been a public service announcement – please do not heat up your plastic.

  3. We have switched out most of our plastic containers as well. I have the exact same bowls…you should look on Amazon for them b/c a lot of times they will sale a box of them (different sizes) for a good deal. I think we got 4 or 6 bowls for around $20…whatever the pricing was it was cheaper than buying them individually. I’ve also started using mason jars (I know so behind on the trends) for packing stuff for lunch too…works pretty good for things like salads. Hope you are having a good weekend and feeling a bit better!

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