Weekend Updates from an Old Lady

Today feels like the first day I’ve had off since my Grandma passed away. It’s been quiet and relaxing. Yesterday I got smacked with a migraine around 5:00pm and was out of commission for the night. The Boy brought me some soup and crackers and thankfully I kept that ish down. Feeling nauseous is just about the worst feeling ever! No idea how the preggo ladies manage. Impressive, ladies, impressive.

I was able to sleep in for a bit, brew some coffee, and do some reading in bed. The casita felt so peaceful and the sun came out through the clouds. I showered and wandered through the farmers market for a while. Scored some kale, cauliflower, and nectarines. Treated myself to some brown rice and curry (half veggie, half chicken). It was nice to have the morning and afternoon to myself. I was still feeling slightly out of it this morning so no exercise (bad) but listened to my body (good).

I’m still a little sad bastardy about the house so in an attempt to cheer myself up signed up for the stitchfix thing. I did like doing the style quiz and that you can link to your pinterest style board. I went in there and tidied my board up a bit. I need some help with my work apparel. Plus…. Sigh, plus nothing. Really am sad and am shopping therapeutically which I know is frowned upon but it is what it is. I don’t get my first shipment until July 3rd which is after payday so that is somewhat more grown up.


I changed my board cover to this. Ya know, edgy, stylish, yet casual. I also asked for maxi dresses since those are my new fav.

Tomorrow I MUST run!!!! I will get off my pudgy backside and incorporate some working outage before the weekend escapes me. I also need to clean the bedroom- is UTTER DISASTER!!!!


This post upon re-reading is not very exciting or hilarious. I promise more hilarity…. Well soonish. As soon as something is funny which will be soon. This is my life after all and hilarity At my expense is bound to ensue! Fighting the urge to eat chocolate and at very minimum loosely tracking food and drinking water.

love y Besos,
your old lady, lbg


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