EARLY MORNING RISER FAIL! And If I dated a TMNT, it wouldn’t be Donatello

Ummm, I set my alarm for Tuesday not Thursday so I woke up at 6:00am. My bad. See so not cut out for this early morning stuff but don’t trip there’s always manana for my next morning workout. Todayy I will either hit up bar method or just do a run after work.

I know Jillian, I know. I am better than all this but hey it’s not like they are canceling mornings. Definitely not Mondays, those bastards. There will still be working out! Also I have a priceless little gem to share with you.

Yesterday, we had a student in our lobby that my co-worker H came to tell me about. He said he was a little creepy, with a staff with a skull mounted on top, and was asking to know if the adviser was attractive. Unfortunately, I pulled that guy from the online queue. EEK! I imagined him more goth like but in reality he was more of a long dirty hair, painted nails, kind of creepy, with said staff. FYI – WHO THE HELL CARRIES A STAFF AROUND??? You are not a TMNT fighting crime. This student was HELLA loud and swore and preceded to try and ask me out to dinner. Complete HOT MESS!

People need to get it together. A) You’re a student, so yes, unprofessional! B) You are carrying a staff??? Why??? C) There’s a skull on it!!


Oh yeah and I spilled coffee down my bag this morning. CLASSY.

Coffee, you are supposed to be my savior in all this and yet you too are letting my down. Seriously, coffee. Pull it together.

In other news, I am obsessed with waiting for my stichfix delivery next week. OBSESSED. Scoring the internet to see what other people have received. None of these peeps though have my steez so we will see. I selected “Edgy” and “Casual Chic” to describe my style (well ideal style). My style now is probably best described as “What’s Clean” and “Yes, that will do.”

Alright my loves, off to make those big higher education bucks.
Have a happy Tuesday!
Besitos, lbg


2 thoughts on “EARLY MORNING RISER FAIL! And If I dated a TMNT, it wouldn’t be Donatello

  1. ah cant wait to hear about stitch fix, i signed up and then canceled. boo me.
    also, i couldnt respond to your email, i think i am behind on greys because of my stupid holiday, what do you mean no mere?!?!! i think this is the last season.

    • Oh my bad!!! I meant no Mere & Cristina. Like it’s not really Grey’s with only one of them 😦
      Thanks for commenting over here!! Love your blog! Hmm…I’m gonna have to check my wordpress profile sometimes when I post with that people can’t respond – CURSES!!! XOX

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